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Claims View

The smarter solution for end-to-end case management

Built on ServiceNow Claims View is a rapidly deployable, highly scalable, cloud-based end-to-end case management tool designed to help organisations capture, manage, resolve, and report large volumes of cases and claims efficiently.


For organisations that collect and manage large volumes of data, security and traceability are priority. But many struggle with incorrect or missing data, lack of clear stakeholder communication, and little to no audit trails.

Claims View lets you manage large volumes of cases efficiently, using a simple 4-step workflow. Every access level is customisable, making sure that the right information reaches the right people at the right time. Claims View features service levels and formal quality control steps configured directly into the workflow, leaving case data accurate, complete, and extensively reviewed.

All interactions between you, the user, and any nominated third parties are captured and stored on a secure server, providing complete traceability via a comprehensive digital audit trail.

Claims View use cases:
· Class Actions
· Regulatory Remediations
· Regulatory Complaints
· Wage Remediations

Key stats


Used to deliver over $100M AUD in back payments across several remediation programs.


Enabled the distribution of over 1.7m court notices.


Simplify the claims management process allowing efficient management of cases and claims.

Reduce manual case processing on operational staff due to automated data extraction tools and access to individualised assessment outcomes.

Increase accurate and complete complaints data due to service levels and formal quality control steps configured directly into the workflow.

Allow the right information to be shared with the right people at the right time, as every service level is customised.

Resolve large volumes of data without compromising integrity, as all case data is stored in a single platform eliminating the need to transfer between systems.

Enhanced traceability via a digital comprehensive audit trail with all interactions between stakeholders captured and stored on a secure server.

How it works?

Maximum efficiency with minimal complexity.

1. Submission Case information is either entered by the claimant or bulk uploaded into the system. Links are distributed to stakeholders asking them to register their details.
2. Triage Each case is triaged, additional information is requested (if required), and are then sent to the relevant resolution team.
3. Assessment Detailed assessment of each claim is carried out, actions are created (if required), and outcome options are configured.
4. Resolution Once cases are resolved, Claims View notifies stakeholders of the outcome, and provides a secure mechanism for them to either approve or dispute the decision.

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