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Positioning for prosperity?

Catching the next wave

Where will Australia’s future growth come from? How can business and government leaders make the right decisions to position for prosperity?

Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave explores how we can position Australia – and its individual sectors and businesses – for future prosperity. How do we extend the run of mining, our current wave? And what future waves can we catch?

The full edition of Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave identifies 25 sectoral hotspots with the biggest potential to contribute to Australia’s prosperity over the next 20 years. Collectively, we call these sectors and growth pockets the Deloitte Growth 25 (DG25).

Deloitte Growth 25 (DG25)

Positioning for prosperity map

The multi-billion-dollar question is: where do global growth and Australian advantage intersect? Where are the waves that will drive our prosperity, today and tomorrow? 

The prosperity map brings all these concepts together – global growth opportunities over the next 20 years (the vertical axis), Australia's expected advantages (the horizontal axis) and the size and placement of Australia's specific industry sectors. 

Within these future waves, we have further identified 25 growth hotspots – the Deloitte Growth 25 or DG 25 for short – with the biggest potential to lift Australia’s growth trajectory over the next 20 years. These 25 hotspots include our current wave, Mining, plus the ‘Fantastic Five’ next waves (Agribusiness, Gas, Tourism, International Education and Wealth Management), plus 19 future waves (ranging from areas as diverse as Financing the Fantastic Five to Retirement Living and Leisure).

The map and our report provide a roadmap to help businesses and governments understand how to position themselves and our country for future prosperity.

This view shows how Australia's future growth prospects can be viewed as a series of waves.

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