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Building the Lucky Country

It’s not enough for Australia to just rely on our luck, we also have to make it. Our Building the Lucky Country thought leadership series prompts conversations across business, industry associations, government and the media on the opportunities facing the Australian economy.

Australia remade: A country fit for the age of disruption

For more than 50 years, the Australian economy has gone from luck to luck, rather than from strength to strength. 

Over time, our GDP grew steadily but one thing remained the same – our complacency. 

We can’t rest on our laurels when faced with disruption – including technology, climate change, geopolitical tension and a pandemic. It’s time to become more economically sophisticated and secure our future prosperity. 

So, how can we move beyond the Lucky Country? We need to actively build our resilience, unlock new growth opportunities and realise our true economic potential.

Building the Lucky Country Edition 8 (2021)

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