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Race and Culture Action Plan

Our time is now. Our vision is clear.

Past efforts have celebrated diversity. But it's time to move beyond celebrations. Achieving equity isn’t just about efforts; it’s about results: measurable and meaningful outcomes in the lives of our people, clients and communities.

It’s time we openly discuss issues relating to race and work together to ignite change within our organisation and break down the barriers that block equity for racially and culturally diverse and First Nations people, particularly those at the intersections.

Our vision is clear. It’s for our leadership team and workforce to reflect a diverse Australia. To create an environment where everyone can succeed as their authentic selves. To deepen our understanding of the relevant issues and accelerate systemic change in partnership with our clients and business community. 

Taking action

Our Race and Culture Action Plan

Our Race and Culture Plan outlines our commitment over the next three years to have a leadership team and workforce that reflects a diverse Australia to reach racial equity.

Change begins with the courage to start. It’s about creating spaces where we can show up and speak up. This is why the voices and experiences of our diverse community are at the heart of Deloitte Australia's Race and Culture Action Plan.

  • Equitable pathways​Enhance pathways for Racially and Culturally Diverse people to join us and grow their careers.

  • Understand the experience 
    Participate in the RISE program* to gain deeper insights into the lived experience of our Racially and Culturally Diverse workforce to inform action.

    *(RISE) Realise. Inspire. Support. Energise. is a partnership between Diversity Council Australia, Settlement Services International, and Chief Executive Women. The project is funded by the Office for Women.

    Learn more about the RISE pilot

  • Leadership pipeline​Targeted interventions to build greater diversity in our leadership pipeline.
  • Build racial and cultural awareness 
    Deepen our people’s knowledge, capability and confidence around race and culture​.

  • Communities for change​Build our Race and Culture and First Nations Networks to create a sense of belonging for our people​.

  • Enabling allies and advocates​Enable and inspire role models, champions and allies through education and storytelling.
  • Visible leadership targets​Meet our target for 25% Racially and Culturally Diverse Partners by FY26.

  • Enhanced data for action​Use our annual ‘Engage’ survey data to understand the profile and intersections of our workforce to drive action.

  • Be what you can see​
    Celebrate, profile and elevate the voices and experiences of our Racially and Culturally Diverse and First Nations workforce.
  • Lead the way
    Partner with the business community and other leaders across the eco-system to drive change​.

  • Social impact
    Continue to elevate social impact activities that drive equitable outcomes​.

  • Measure our progress​
    Track, measure and share our progress​.

Hear from our people

Chido Mauwa, Zimbabwean heritage, Director in Enabling Areas

“I look at myself in the mirror regularly and say, ‘Your crown has been paid for. There are people who've come before you who sacrificed for you to be here, for you to be successful.'

So, I need to wear my crown proudly, and I need to step into those spaces. And if it means other people will be uncomfortable by my presence, that is not on me. I just need to be who I am.”

Josh Duke, Dunghutti man, Consulting Director

“Allyship is so important. We can't do it without you. To be an ally is to be well-read. It's about understanding that Australia's history wasn't that nice and bringing to light the things we haven't heard about. 

For me, it's not about making people feel guilty because you can't change the past, but you can change the future and that you can influence your spheres of influence. Even if they're just at your dinner table, that's really important.”


Sasha Fredrick  Sri-Lankan Australia heritage, Audit & Assurance Partner 

“I didn't think too much about being female and also being from a culturally diverse background until recently. I only just learned the term ‘intersectionality’ about 12 months ago. Having the language to explain it has helped me understand why I sometimes feel the way that I do. 

We have to start being more deliberate about the decisions we make and about intentionally including people - there are so many voices and ideas that are not being brought to the table because people aren’t being seen or heard.”

Ramneek Singh, Sikh, Indian- Australian, Senior Consultant in Consulting

“Representation is super important because for younger people from different racial and cultural backgrounds and experiences, imagining themselves in senior positions can be challenging unless they can see someone who is just like them. 

It's important for people to see they can bring their diversity, different perspective and identity and still succeed. I am amazed by the fact so many young Sikhs are feeling confident in pursuing success while maintaining their identity, coming through Deloitte and elsewhere.”

Lama Tiavo, Samoan (Aotearoa New Zealand), Consulting Manager

“Growing up in a Pacific Islander community, I gained many skills through roles in my church, the community, and frequent extended family gatherings, from chairing a meeting and public speaking to team building, emotional intelligence, and resolving conflict. Real-life experiences that are transferrable to work. 

We need to be curious and learn more about each other. Because that's how we'll understand the human side of people. When people feel safe to bring their full authentic selves to work, they'll be able to share their different lived experiences and perspectives without any guards or fear of being judged.”

Benny Lee, Malaysian heritage, Financial Advisory Partner and Board Member

“I hope and I know that Deloitte will continue to change with the times. Today's Partnership won't necessarily be fit for purpose for tomorrow's business. We need to focus our continued efforts on how we nurture, retain and elevate our diverse workforce for a better Deloitte and a better Australia. 

Because when we've got a workplace where people feel like they belong, they will want to come to work, they will want to do their best work, and they'll have a lot of fun along the way.”

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