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Learning & Development

Committed to ensuring that you 'continuously grow and improve'.

At Deloitte we strive to give our people an “Only at Deloitte” learning experience

We focus on helping individuals build the right capabilities to execute against our strategy. We do this by aligning the right learning experiences (both technical and non-technical) and formal development opportunities from graduate through to partner, providing learning solutions accessible anytime, anywhere on multiple devices.

Professional Development

Whether a graduate or an experienced professional, a learning journey has been specifically designed with you in mind. Within your journey you will complete a variety of initiatives that we believe will be key to setting you up for success at Deloitte.  Throughout this journey you will have 24/7 access to digital learning focussed on sales, client advocacy, industry awareness, leadership and people management content. This is further supported by our technical curriculums aligned to each individual’s area of specialisation.

What sets Deloitte apart is the flexible and simulated approach to learning. We design the learning experience around actual real life scenarios. Professional Development builds on the foundation that is established at D.Academy (for Graduate employees) and explores a broad range of development areas including engagement management, communication and impact, self and people development, and service and sales.


Online Learning

Deloitte provides access to our global catalogue of online learning, allowing you to access relevant content on-demand. With over 60 000 hours of learning available online, we offer:

  • e-learning content in 20 languages, available 24/7
  • Unlimited access to our online library of over 10 000 books on finance, business & IT
  • Leadership development training from Harvard Business School
  • Attendance at highly interactive Deloitte Virtual Classroom sessions
External Study

Your continuous growth and development also extends to further studies.

To help our people and clients excel, we support access to best practice external programs and study (professional qualifications and post graduate or equivalent university courses) to complement the technical and non-technical programs delivered at Deloitte.


Investment in Top Talent

Our high potential programs and initiatives address the challenges and opportunities the individual will face at the next level of responsibility, and are designed to accelerate the potential for the individual to succeed in roles requiring next-level critical thinking, confidence and drive to succeed, despite complexity, ambiguity or competing demands.

Participation in our Partner pipeline development programs affords Directors nominated by their respective service line leadership teams exposure to the firm’s executives, opportunities to build networks across a diverse national peer group, action learning on issues of strategic relevance to the firm, the sponsorship, challenge and insights of a Partner Mentor or Guide and access to a range of Partners from across the firm who share their personal views, insights and experiences of their journey to Partnership and since.

Firm-wide talent and leadership offerings are complemented by service-line specific Talent initiatives and forums at levels below Director-level.Supported by the opportunity to ‘start doing new things’ and a platform on which to build their leadership brand and profile, the experience and exposure afforded by our high potential talent offerings make a valuable contribution to participants' development supporting their career advancement and their success in roles of greater responsibility, scale and scope.

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