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What makes our Deloitte Graduate Program different

Embarking on your post-graduate journey is both exciting and full of possibilities. As you navigate the landscape of potential employers, it's important to find a workplace that not only values your skills but also cultivates an environment for growth, innovation, and impactful experiences.  

Our Graduate Program has won Australia’s Top 100 Graduate Employer Award for Accounting and Advisory 2023, Top Graduate Employers 2023 and AFR’s Top 100 Graduate Employer 2023 awards. We offer a standout program that provides opportunities that set it apart from other companies and firms. 

From its pioneering approach to professional development to a culture that fosters individual growth and community impact, discover why Deloitte isn't just a workplace—it's a launchpad for your career aspirations. Read on to hear from some of our current Graduates on what sets Deloitte apart and why it might be the perfect fit for your journey into the professional world. 

For the team or area of the business you've joined, what's something that impressed you and that really sets Deloitte apart?

Eloise: What I believe sets Deloitte apart is how inclusive of a firm they are, in my experience I have been fortunate to join a team that sees you as an important member of the team regardless of your background, experience or position.

Raphaella: One aspect of Deloitte that impressed me is the dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. We are provided with so many opportunities to develop skills across both technical and soft skills and encouraged to try as many new things as possible. I feel as though the graduate program here is giving me the skillset, I'll need to succeed in whatever future role I choose.

Tyler: Hands down the Culture. One of the most amazing things I’ve experienced with Deloitte so far in my team is the awesome culture. We all enjoy each other’s company and support and empower each other to explore new things to bring back to the team. We have lots of shared interests outside of work. Its all-good vibes, that’s for sure.

Daniel: What makes Deloitte unique is how it allows you to be the ultimate designer of your career. If there’s a project you want to try, if there’s an industry you want to learn more about, if you want to take things fast or slow, if there is a new opportunity that you would like to seize, it’s all possible at Deloitte. You are given the opportunity to talk about your passion while being open and transparent so that you’re set up for success.

"We are provided with so many opportunities to develop skills across both technical and soft skills and encouraged to try as many new things as possible."

Tell us about the work culture in your team - how do you work together with colleagues or across business areas?

Eloise: I have been extremely lucky to have a welcoming team. Within my first month at Deloitte I started a social netball team which has about 18 members of Risk Advisory that cycle in and out of the games! I make an effort to have an end of season breakup event and write weekly light-hearted newsletters about the games.

Raphaella: The leadership team has made a conscious effort to create a working environment where everyone feels comfortable to come to work as their authentic self and know their ideas and opinions are valued. There are also so many opportunities to interact with your colleagues outside of project work - from virtual sessions and in-person events to coffee runs - which contributed further to a workplace culture revolving around collaboration, communication and support.  

Tyler: The work culture is what I describe as super open. Sure, everyone has their teams and focus areas, but in Consulting it all blends in with each other. We all work across teams with different subjects and focus areas from Tech Strategy, AI to Supply Chain. It opens the doors for everyone to learn more about each other’s teams and build new friendships and relationships in the firm. That team-based mindset is one of the things I personally love about the work culture, no one is ever alone on something.

Daniel: Our team culture is the true living embodiment of the tagline - 'Making people better at work and work better for people'. The team recognises and accommodate different needs in our strengths, passion and life, helping us to be the best version of ourselves. This invites unique synergy and chemistry where it is truly a blessing to be surrounded by bright minds and passionate hearts.

If you could give a future grad one piece of advice, what would it be?

Eloise: My best piece of advice would be to make as many connections as you can, say yes to every event and social gathering. It’s so important to branch outside of your direct team. I believe that being present in the office and trying to connect with every person in my team by getting to know them has made a massive difference in my experience.

Raphaella: My advice for future grads is to participate as much as possible, get involved with things that make you excited to come to work, and most of all enjoy yourself!

Tyler: Enjoy it, be hands on, come to the office and events and meet with people who sit around you in the office. There’s lots of awesome people who work here who all have something they really enjoy doing and it’s always fun learning about that and seeing if I can get involved or help. It opens a lot of opportunities as well. You never know what projects you might come across that you might love.

Daniel: Talk to your inherent passion and ask yourself who you want to be. Whatever your goal is, Deloitte will make every hustle a meaningful count.

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