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Starting your career off strong: Learning and growth as a Deloitte Graduate

Are you a recent or soon-to-be graduate eager to kickstart your professional journey? Deloitte's Graduate Program is your gateway to a world of opportunities, learning experiences, and impactful projects that shape both your career and our communities. 

About the program

If you're completing your studies in mid-to-end 2024 (or, already completed your studies within the last 2 years), and ready to launch your career with us in 2025, this program is for you!

As part of your journey with us, you will get a chance to immerse yourself in our award-winning development program, called our Graduate Learning Academy, which will provide you with the tools and training you'll need to drive your career experience. You’ll also receive a dedicated coach to help guide your career journey, along with ongoing mentoring, peer support, and e-learning to continue your personal and professional development.

What will I get to do? 

You can expect to work on high-impact, meaningful and purpose-led projects. Through your hands-on project work, you’ll get significant client exposure and multiple networking opportunities with peers, leaders, and in industry. We’ll provide you with relevant professional training and provide ongoing feedback from your coach to guide you throughout your program, with the chance to learn from and work with industry professionals across the firm. 

Here's what some of our current Graduates have to say about the learning opportunities on offer at Deloitte. 

How is your learning and growth supported in your team or business? 

Ginger: My team is always pushing me to do more out of my comfort zone even when I haven't felt I would be able to do it. I came into Deloitte very shy and not extremely social, now I have spoken in front of a room of 70 people and love coming up with team events and organising activities to all do together. 

Raphaella: The one-on-one guidance from my coach has been invaluable in helping me navigate the challengers of beginning my career. On-the-job learning is actively encouraged and the supportive environment created by the team means you never feel afraid to dive headfirst into new learning opportunities. I feel as though I am growing my skills, both personally and professionally, every single day and gaining the tools to forge my own unique career path in the world of consulting. 

Kate: The opportunities for learning and growth as a Deloitte graduate are incredible, and there are lots of people there to support you along the way. Between your career coach and project coach, you'll have people in your corner whose goal is to help you figure out what you want to do, and then guide you in gaining experience in those areas. I've already grown far more than I expected to in such a short period of time and can't wait to see what I'll get to do next! 

Tyler: Deloitte has given me a massive platform and explore and continue my learning, and encourages me to explore new things to bring back to out team and to our clients. One area im doing work in for PD/BD is Quantum Technology. Helping to set up and run a Quantum Guild for Deloitte Australia and work out how we can use that emerging technology for our clients. 

Learn more about our Graduate program and apply here