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Meet our team in Finance Assurance

Careers in Audit & Assurance

Our Finance Assurance team helps clients make their finance functions more efficient and effective, as specialists in finance function transformation, accounting change, financial management, transaction accounting advice, and specialised finance outsourcing.​

What do you love about working in Finance Assurance?


I love the breadth of opportunities that my work in Finance Assurance offers. I work with many different stakeholders within the broader finance function and collaborate with different teams in Deloitte, so no two days are the same!

I have worked on establishing opening balance sheet accounts for newly divested entities, creating finance operational month-end processes, and presenting formal accounting advice for clients on highly judgemental issues; all of which being value-adding work for our clients.

What enables you to bring your best self to “work” every day?​


A big motivator for me is knowing that I get the opportunity to work closely with listed clients from a range of industries on deliverables that make an impact. The support networks available within the team also further enhance my best professional self.

My passion for learning and continuous growth and improvement drives me to bring my best self to work every day. I'm very grateful that I work in a strong team-oriented environment, knowing I have the full backing and support of my coach and fellow peers.


Tell us about some of the key skills you utilise in your role


Critical thinking/analytical reasoning and adaptability are qualities I've found to be highly useful for me in our team, especially in thinking about our technology implementations.

Adaptability is key to adjusting to different types of clients and the rapid change in technology.

A skill that I have developed that I never thought I would use is basic SQL. I had never thought I would know how to write SQL code!


Core skills such as communication, attention to detail and problem-solving are always present day-to-day in the Finance Assurance team. One skill I have developed that I won't underestimate is the importance of listening. Hearing our clients speak about their issues is super important in ensuring we work with them to best provide the solutions they need.

What might a typical day look like for you?


I work with finance teams to design and implement cloud technologies to remediate inefficiencies across the close to report cycle.

On a typical day, I would be working with finance teams to design, configure and test finance systems to optimise the automation outcomes, remove inefficiencies from within processes, and train teams to be proficient in the ongoing use of these platforms. I also put a lot of effort into helping junior team members learn the finance software we implement.

Additionally, I lead our social committee, so I aim to spend time every week planning events and activities to connect our team!