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Meet Paul Curwell, Director in Deloitte's Financial Advisory Forensic team.

Hi Paul, tell us about yourself and your role at Deloitte and the work you do?


I'm a Director in Deloitte’s Forensic practice. I help clients develop capabilities and undergo digital transformation in the intelligence and investigative analytics domain, in areas like insider threats, personnel security, financial intelligence, open-source intelligence, and associated fields.

I also do work with our commercial clients in the financial sector, particularly in relation to conducting complex money laundering / terrorist financing investigations and complex due diligence investigations.

Outside of work, Deloitte has supported me to co-author a book (Terrorist Diversion, Routledge) published in 2021 and lecturing at university.

I’ve worked in both professional services and in-house roles in the industry throughout my career. I'd spent a number of years in an executive role in banking and in late 2016, I was ready for a change.

Moving back into consulting meant I had a chance to work across multiple industry sectors and effectively be my own boss as I built out my practice. As I looked around the market, I found Deloitte was very different from our competitors: the culture is very entrepreneurial, anyone from graduate up is encouraged to build their own business, and it's very tech-focused; we're not just a big 4 audit firm.

I worked in Deloitte’s Sydney office for about 4 years before moving into the Canberra team in late 2020. For me, relocating to Canberra was about increasing my professional opportunities and being able to transfer the skills I have learned over the past decade in financial services into government as agencies look to refresh their technologies and operational practices.

“I enjoy variety, working with clients on interesting problems, and working with a committed and engaged team who is passionate about what they do.”

Our continued growth trajectory is intertwined with our culture. We're the first big 4 firm to have a technologist as our CEO. Our mindset is entrepreneurial, people-led, and technology-enabled. And, we're increasingly developing cross-business service offerings that solve a client's problem end to end, rather than in pieces. Smaller firms just don't have this capability.

What inspires you about the career opportunities here?


Consulting can be tough, with the workload often going through peaks and troughs. However, what makes it rewarding is the ability to work on projects that interest me and things that matter for clients. I'm free to largely pick the sort of work and clients I want to pursue in areas that interest me and to learn and develop as my field evolves. In previous in-house roles, I've felt constrained around what I could do and how I could develop as the direction was set by my employer, rather than the market and what customers want like what you get here in professional services.

My field is evolving very fast – the global threat landscape is changing, new regulation is coming, and technology and advances in data science mean we can do things only dreamt of before. Additionally, related areas like cybersecurity are converging quickly. This presents a whole raft of challenges which Deloitte is well-positioned to address, and which also provide great opportunities for me to learn, develop and work with a bunch of interesting people.

"If you're someone who is proactive, enjoys a challenge, and wants to apply what they have learned whilst developing and growing, Deloitte is a great place to be."

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