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Meet Michaél Beaty, Cloud & Engineering Senior Consultant

Meet Michaél, a Melbourne based Senior Consultant in our Cloud and Engineering Advisory team, which is part of the Core Business Operations practice in our Consulting Business Unit. He is passionate about partnering with clients to realise the business value of cloud transformation.

So, tell us about a day in the life …

I try to start my day off by waking up early and going to the gym (or if I’m working from home, I’ll take advantage of Deloitte Flex to go at lunchtime). After a brief glance at my calendar to plan the day ahead, I usually attend any project or team stand-ups in the morning and try to complete more focused work on deliverables in the afternoon.

My recent projects have focused on cloud and infrastructure modernisation strategies for both the banking and mining sectors, however I am currently on a secondment working within the online platform delivery team for a large retail organisation.

Outside of project work, I enjoy getting involved in the many non-project related activities available at Deloitte. Within our Engineering and Advisory team, I assist with the ongoing licensing support of some of our Digital Workplace clients, and we have periodical calls to discuss some of the challenges they face and how best to tackle them. Outside of that, I enjoy planning team events for our Melbourne team and am also a member of the Melbourne Steering Co for Deloitte’s LGBTI Network, StandOUT.

If I’m going into the office, I try to make time for one-on-one or team-wide catchups with my peers and coaches. Informal conversations about upcoming engagement opportunities within our team have been the source of some of my most interesting project experiences, so I really value these catchups.Depending on the night of the week, I like to make dinner for myself and my housemates at home and end the day with our favourite TV show – we’ve just started watching the Game of Thrones prequel on HBO.

From your perspective, how does Cloud help our clients unlock business benefits?

Cloud can be such a powerful tool for business stakeholders within an organisation to achieve their strategic goals. Often, we hear from clients that they embark on a journey to the cloud to achieve commonly understood benefits like scalability, reliability, security and cost optimisation. A particularly interesting challenge many have faced, however, is articulating how these benefits are measured and realised.

My most recent project was for a large mining company which had begun an organisation-wide Cloud Migration Program. After the closure of a data centre, they identified a need to better quantify the business benefits of the work they were performing. We were able to work with the program manager to align technical cloud features to more widely understood business benefits in terms the non-technical business executive stakeholders were able to understand.

Using this framework, we developed a financial model which quantified these business benefits over the duration of the migration. Ultimately, our main (technology) stakeholder was thrilled with the outcome as it empowered him in conversations with the business and justified continued investment in the program.

I moved to Melbourne in late 2019 and in what felt like the blink of an eye, we were thrown into two-ish years of lockdown (or lockdown-lite). Coming out of this time, it’s been incredibly important for me to define my ideal work-life balance. Deloitte has been so supportive with its wide range of Flex policies, and I feel like I truly get to define my ideal working routine. I really enjoy blending my time – whether it’s focusing at home, or collaborating at the office or client site, I feel empowered to choose whatever is best for me. It also means that I have been able to work alongside international teams and clients more easily than I would have before, in places as far as India, Singapore, mainland Europe and the USA.

Working across such a diverse range of clients and industries means that I have an abundance of learning opportunities and can tailor my career journey to suit my personal goals. Every project has its own unique set of challenges and stakeholders and I truly feel like the impact we make on our clients is one they remember.

In short – the people. It’s such a pleasure to come to work and solve problems with such an amazing team, and since our project teams often span multiple office locations, I feel so lucky that my network stretches across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. Planning our team events in Melbourne is a true passion of mine, and I really appreciate the team culture we have fostered.

  • Coffee Order? – Black filter coffee, twice a day. If it’s hot outside, maybe a cold brew.
  • TV Series Recommendation? – Severance on Apple TV+ was one of the best shows of last year, in my opinion.
  • My outside of work hobby? – During the 2020 lockdown, I learned to DJ. I’ve slowly been doing it more in various clubs around the city on the weekends, and even once at a Deloitte Holiday Party.

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