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Meet Jaime, a Financial Advisory returned Alumni

Returning Alumni Profiles

At Deloitte, opportunities to learn and grow are a big part of our employee promise.

We spoke to Jaime, a returned Deloitte Alumni and Asset & Innovation Consultant within our Financial Advisory team. She talks us through some of the exciting work she's participated in since her return, and her favourite parts of the firm.

Meet Jaime Anderson, Financial Advisory returned Alumni

My First role at Deloitte was as a Vacationer in the Family Enterprise Advisory Services team in Deloitte Private Melbourne. Which was largely tax, super and advisory focused.

I was lucky enough to begin with a great cohort of vacationers in Melbourne. Socialising with these people was the most enjoyable element of the vacationer experience.

I ended up rejoining the firm and I currently work in the Design X team within Financial Advisory, which looks after our Asset & Innovation portfolio. My role is varied and includes maintaining our growing innovation pipeline and portfolio, reporting on asset revenue, project managing new innovations and keeping on top of the latest emerging technology trends.

I think Deloitte’s workplace culture is unique. I enjoy the professional and respectful environment and the specialist tax work I’m involved in. 

We have a great learning and development program that set’s you up with a motivating career coach access to learning and development relevant to my role and career goals. This is something I believe is uniquely Deloitte.

My experience returning was great! It was so nice to see old colleagues and get back into the swing of things. It felt like I had never left.

An interesting job opportunity opened up within the Financial Advisory Transformation team and I was asked if I wanted to apply. I had previously done some work with the team so I knew it would be a good fit for me.

Since being back at Deloitte, my Director and I got to partake in a roadshow around the country. We visited each Australian office to deliver an Asset and Innovation workshop which proved to be a highly rewarding experience from both a personal development lens as well as a business lens.

The flexibility. A lot of workplaces have adopted a hybrid working model since Covid but I found my experience at Deloitte to be extra accommodating. I have the freedom to work from home when I choose and still feel just as connected to my team. For me, this flexibility is important as I get to enjoy the things I love doing (such as sneaking out for a lunchtime surf) as well as delivering value each day through my work. Balance!

Also, the support structure. From when I first started at Deloitte to now, I have always felt supported in what I wanted to do and was assisted in achieving my goals.

And finally, the culture. Financial advisory takes pride in looking after their employees whether it be taking all 500+ employees on a super yacht or taking your team out for a nice meal. Being appreciated for your work and effort is a big part of Deloitte.

What are you waiting for! Coming back to Deloitte was the best decision I have made for my career, and I couldn’t be happier.

The team’s culture is more alive then ever and ready to support you. Assets and Innovations are a key focus area for the firm and it’s an exciting time to pioneer this space.

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