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Meet Emilie Richter, Senior Manager in the Risk Advisory team.

Hi Emilie. You’d moved both industry and interstate before joining us. Tell us about that experience.

I moved from Melbourne in 2019, joining Deloitte in Canberra – it was quite a leap, not just moving cities but also making a career change from working in Financial Services.

I was motivated and enthused to challenge myself in a different role, and I have zero regrets. I have led teams in ways I never would have thought myself capable of and work with some really fantastic clients. I honestly find it a privilege to work with Deloitte.

Also, as an outdoor enthusiast, Canberra has quite a lot to offer!

There are many preconceptions about work in the big 4 and at Deloitte – what have you found?

Having spent some time working in industry, it wasn’t uncommon for consultants to have a bad reputation. You know, only being in it for the money or lacking an understanding of the business, etc.Joining Deloitte, I’ve been completely blown away – it’s been a complete contradiction! The values and culture were clear when I started: our clients, and the problems or opportunities they face, are our primary focus. I come to work every day to solve complex problems, and I get to build strong teams around me that want to do the same.

Tell us about some of the work you’re involved in.

I am currently working on a project that literally encapsulates making an impact that matters. Go and google it: the Drought Resilience Self-Assessment Tool.

I pinch myself regularly that I get to be part of an extremely talented, multi-disciplinary Deloitte team working with the Federal Government in such a critical space. I mean, where else would you get to work on building something that can have a real-world impact, and what better outcome than trying to support Australian farmers in the face of our global fight against climate change?

How have you seen your career development supported here at Deloitte?

People are such a critical part of Deloitte and how its values come to life. There is a whole range of opportunities to learn and hone your skills!

In my relatively short time here, I’ve participated in a number of development programs. Outside of the milestone programs associated with promotions into leadership roles, I was recently nominated to join the ‘Ignite’ leadership program. This program has been reflective, and it’s been uplifting – in a time when we’re all struggling with so much uncertainty, it has reminded me of what’s important and how I can be a better leader for those around me.

What’s some advice you could share with someone contemplating a career with us?

If you like variety, enjoy solving problems, and want to work with creative and supportive teams, then working for Deloitte is definitely for you.

From a Canberra office perspective, working with the Federal Government, you are guaranteed to support projects that hit the core of government operations – you get insights into some of the government priorities and work in partnership with our public service to help drive improved outcomes.

In Risk Advisory, we strive to help our clients navigate digital transformation and provide strategic advice on risk, policy, and regulation. There is never a dull moment, and facilitating positive discussions about risk means our clients can focus on their performance and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Not to mention that being a part of a global organization means international reach – whether that’s for leveraging expertise, sharing knowledge, or even work opportunities (global pandemics aside!)