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Meet Daniel Dao, DevOps Cloud & Engineering Consultant

Meet Daniel, a Brisbane-based DevOps Engineer in our Cloud Managed Services team. He is a Cloud Operation enthusiast who orchestrates post-go-live cloud solutions for our cross-industry clients.

So, tell us about a day in the life … 

Quite literally, this was my day on 13/07/2022.

6:30 am: My alarm starts ringing. I hit the snooze button a few times before grabbing my phone to check my social media, then read for 20 minutes before getting up.

7:00 am: I go for a 40-minute run along the Brisbane River and the Botanical Gardens.

8:00 am: Get back home, have a shower, pack my lunch, get ready for work then scoot into our office. Although it is not required, I am an office person and prefer to come into the office most days. Part of the reason is that we’re fortunate with a waterfront office with awesome view of the Story Bridge and Kangaroo Point ... Also, I love my morning commute and the ultra-wide screens in the office.

9:10 am: I continue with my development task from yesterday. We implement new health check endpoints for clients’ APIs, allowing them to perform ‘auto-heal’ when a service becomes unhealthy. After multiple failed deployments and testings, I finally have it working. I update the deployment template and commit my change to the code repository.

11:30 am: I have a stand-up with my team. Depending on the day, I might join multiple client stand-ups. The Managed Services nature enables me to be on various projects simultaneously, and all of them are at the post-go-live stage. Working in the production stage allows me to see the impact of my work clearly and more frequently.

12:00 noon: I go out the have lunch at Brisbane’s Walter Steakhouse and Wine Bar with 20 Core Business Operation colleagues as we celebrate our recent FY22 promotions.

2:00 pm: I have a meeting with two other team members for a knowledge-transfer session on the change I made in the morning. I receive their feedback and reviews.

3:00 pm: I work on a deployment plan so we can get approval from the client before we start the production deployment pipeline.

5:00 pm: I play a few board games, and Nintendo Switch with my team while having some sliders from Grill’d. 

7:00 pm: Walk home and watch Stranger Things (season 4 finale!). 

9:00 pm: I go for a short walk around New Farm area, then get home and ready for bed.

As a software and platform engineer working in Cloud Managed Services, my main task is orchestrating cloud platforms and systems. My team takes care of the integration layer, which is the glue binding different systems together, like a central communication hub.

Our clients span multiple industries from finance, to digital healthcare to government. My job is to ensure these business-critical systems are up and running as expected, and new features are delivered efficiently. You can thank us for things like:

  • Your online car order, its digital services and have it delivered to you with accurate pricing from the convenience of your sofa 
  • Your bank transaction is correctly and securely completed from an app on your phone
  • Your digital health record is safe and accessible only to you.

Our team recently delivered multiple digital banking solutions, digital health, e-commerce and integration services to our clients. We help them achieve their cloud strategy and vision with our leading-edge and end-to-end software-as-a-service solutions.

Easy answer, people. The people here are A-MA-ZING. We have a very close-knit team and a strong camaraderie. It makes working together on projects enjoyable and rewarding.

Our team focuses on our most junior members as they are the building blocks of the practice. Our seniors are encouraged to be nurturing and supportive. Our team has a culture of sharing and growing together – rather than competing against each other.

I love getting up every day with the clarity of what we strive to achieve together. We want to grow our Operate offerings and deliver high-value business outcomes to our clients. 

I love the variety of projects I get to work on, gaining knowledge from different industries, and building my connections and meaningful relationships with our clients. 

Outside work, I love spending time at music festivals, tasting (and enjoying!) gins, cooking and eating – and sharing food with friends. I also love botanical sketchbooks.

According to Gartner, we are the best Consulting Services provider 2022 for the fifth consecutive year (11 times in total)! This allows us to access the best kind of projects in terms of scope and technologies.

Deloitte is the best place to kick-start your career, especially if you like to hit the ground running. You will advance rapidly to become an expert in the industry and sector of your choice.

  • Favourite song? - Drunk-Dazed – ENHYPEN
  • Inspirational Podcast: Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair 
  • Five star book? - The Innovators by Walter Isaacson 
  • Coffee Order? -  Large almond latte
  • Favourite Sports Team? -  Not a team, but Sage Canaday himself is an army!
  • TV Series Recommendation? - Arcane on Netflix 

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