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Meet Daniel Kim, Graduate in Human Capital

Our Graduate Program can open the door for you to work on exciting projects with clients from all over the world, and provide the opportunity for life-changing career moves.

Daniel talks us through some of the exciting projects he’s worked on, and how his learning and growth is supported.

Hi Daniel, could you walk us through what a typical day looks like for you?

Sure, let me show you instead!

Tell us about the work culture in your team- how do you work together with colleagues or across business areas.

Our team culture is the true living embodiment of the tagline - 'Making people better at work and work better for people'. The team recognises and accomodate different needs in our strengths, passion and life, helping us to be the best version of ourselves. This invites unique synergy where you are surrounded by bright minds and passionate hearts.

How does your team, or business area, make an impact with our clients or community?

We make people better at work and work better for people. Recognising that the people are the heartbeat of every organisation, we help our clients to optimise talent, drive performance and align workforce and business strategies through applied insights and predictive analytics. We help our clients to realise workforce strategies by building leadership, skills and capabilities at all levels.

Tell us about a piece of work or work project you’ve been a part of that you’re really proud of. 

I recently completed a Future of Chanel Workforce, a learning project with Chanel, a luxury boutique and a fashion company. My role in this project was to research and creating a learning session that will improve Chanel's workforce and their ability to adapt and embrace change in the future. Visiting the Chanel office in Sydney and organising a content that influences the entire Chanel workforce as well as creating a video that summaries our project is something I'm really proud of.

"Learning and career growth are at the centre of Deloitte. I’ve truly experienced that as my coach and the team are focused on helping me build the right capabilities to execute our strategy."

How is your learning and growth supported in your team or business?

Learning and career growth are at the centre of Deloitte. I’ve truly experienced that as my coach and the team are focused on helping me build the right capabilities to execute our strategy. Having regular coaching conversations with your career coach, project coach and any informal mentors in the firm allows you to fire your passion and forte towards the goal that matters to you. They aligned the right learning experiences (both technical and non-technical) and formal development opportunities even as a day-1 graduate, providing learning solutions accessible anytime, anywhere.

For the team or area of the business you've joined, what's something that impressed you and that really sets Deloitte apart?

What makes Deloitte unique is how it allows you to be the ultimate designer of your career. If there’s a project you want to try, if there’s an industry you want to learn more about, if you want to take things fast or slow, if there is a new opportunity that you would like to seize, it’s all possible at Deloitte. You are given the opportunity to talk about your passion while being open and transparent so that everyone at Deloitte is set up for success; one step closer to the best version of yourself.

If you could give a future grad one piece of advice, what would it be?

Talk to your inherent passion and ask yourself who you want to be. Whatever your goal is, Deloitte will make every hustle meaningful.

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