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Meet Conar, Audit & Assurance returned Alumni

Returned Alumni Profiles

At Deloitte, opportunities to learn and grow are a big part of our employee promise.

We spoke to Conar, a returned Deloitte Alumni and Senior Analyst within our Audit and Assurance team on his experience working for the Big 4. 

Meet Conar Macleod, Audit & Assurance returned Alumni

Hi Conar, can you walk us through your career at Deloitte so far?

My First role at Deloitte was as a Vacationer in the Family Enterprise Advisory Services team in Deloitte Private Melbourne. Which was largely tax, super and advisory focused.

I was lucky enough to begin with a great cohort of vacationers in Melbourne. Socialising with these people was the most enjoyable element of the vacationer experience.

Since returning to Deloitte, I’ve enjoyed multiple secondments. I first spent 3 months in Dexus assisting with Development Finance where I worked with my own with Dexus personnel.

From this engagement, I went straight into a secondment working at the NSW Treasury assisting with Appropriation, where I was co-authoring the Appropriations Act Paper 5. I then spent a few weeks on a Biodiversity offsets project, followed by 3 months on a Federal Government engagement in Canberra working at Services Australia CFO Division. Services Australia has recently requested my extension.

I am currently traveling between Sydney and Canberra which is all supported through Deloitte.

What do you believe makes Deloitte stand out from other organisations as a place to work?

There are a few key reasons:

-           Experience: Deloitte has a great reputation as one of the largest of the big 4 firms and therefore has access to the best range of clients and experiences. Working at Deloitte means that you have a breadth of career choices should you not enjoy your initial role. You will also have exposure to extremely intelligent colleagues from which you can learn a lot about many areas.

-           Flexibility: I am one of those that enjoy working from home, as it allows me to spend time doing things that I enjoy outside of work. It also allows for decreased stress and ability to work more efficiently. Depending on your preferences and clients Deloitte has these opportunities. On-top of this Deloitte offers options such as international flex which I am seeking to use in the middle of the year allowing me to work remotely in the UK whilst seeing family.

-           Network: Deloitte has a great network both domestically and internationally which allows for a vast array of professional exposure and experiences. Whether its working with colleagues overseas or being seconded to other states and countries, Deloitte will have options for you.

What was your experience like returning to the firm?

My experience returning has been very different to starting as I did not know many people in the firm in Sydney having completed my vacationer program in Melbourne. However, you learn that this does not impact your opportunities and that most people you will work with are interested to meet new colleagues and very welcoming.

Having experienced the culture, benefits and work at KPMG as well as Deloitte, the differences depend on your division and the teams that you work in. One of the unique qualities of Deloitte compared to other Big 4 is it’s A+ clientele which is due to its top-ranking and highly professional staff. This is crucial for professional exposure.

Is there anything unique about working at Deloitte, or something that has surprised you?

Working at Deloitte, you will experience a vast range of personalities. Not everyone is the typical accountant. The modern Big 4 is changing for the better to include all types of personalities which bring so much more to the table and make it both a professional and social experience. There is also a lot of flexibility and ability to actually work 9-5.

Deloitte is a great place to work due to its inclusive culture and support networks. Deloitte is a major sponsor in the Sydney World Pride and is a leader in this space. Deloitte is also making a stand on Environmental actions and sustainability through investing in natural resources and investing in the training and development of its ESG footprint. Working for an organisation which gives back is extremely important and you will find that all types of characteristics and personalities are accepted, and that employee welfare is paramount.

What are you most looking forward to about your career at Deloitte?

The opportunities & flexibility. I’m looking forward to utilising the Deloitte network to experience the world and the range of clients and knowledge. Whether it be through secondments (domestic and international) or working from home and setting up a great work-life balance.

Interested to learn more?

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