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Meet Kai, Analyst at Deloitte

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Our Governance, Regulation & Conduct (GRC) team work with clients from several perspectives: we help them look back, identify past problems, and remediate them. We also help clients strengthen their business models looking forward, minimising the risk of conduct issues by helping review and redesign existing processes and frameworks to deliver better customer outcomes.​

What do you love about working in GRC?

I love the broad range of client engagements we work on in GRC. Each project I’ve been involved in has been different. Whether working with a new client or providing a different service offering, no engagement has been the same as the last.

I started as a Graduate last year and have worked on engagements ranging from secondments into insurers to analysing governance frameworks for super funds – enabling me to develop a well-rounded skill set for the short time I’ve been on the team.

What I appreciate most about working in GRC is that the projects we work on directly correlate to outcomes that have a real impact on people. Whether they are remediation or compliance-related projects, the work focuses on protecting and looking out for everyday people, ensuring that they’re treated appropriately and fairly.

Tell us about some of the key skills you utilise in your role

From a technical perspective, analytical thinking is the most relevant skill I use in my role day to day. Being able to look at new pieces of information, quickly identify issues, and provide solutions to our clients plays a big part in the work I’m involved in.In terms of developing different skills, I think the most significant skill I have had to embrace was the ability to adapt to new situations and scenarios – being comfortable with being uncomfortable. With the diverse range of work we do, you can find yourself working on things you may not immediately be familiar with. In these circumstances, I’ve needed to be willing to learn, take on new information quickly, provide alternative solutions and communicate these fluently to the client with a short turnaround.

In terms of developing different skills, I think the most significant skill I have had to embrace was the ability to adapt to new situations and scenarios – being comfortable with being uncomfortable. 


Deloitte Experience

Deloitte Experience (DX) empowers our people to make choices about where they work based on their client, team, and individual needs and how they connect with their clients and each other.

Our market-leading flexible work policy now includes 12 flexible working options, including wellbeing days, cultural leave, and allowing our people to shape their working day outside of the traditional 9-to-5!

How do you utilise Deloitte’s flexible ways of working in your day-to-day? 

Being someone who prioritises their health and hobbies quite highly, our flexible working program allows me to tailor my work schedule in a way that works best for me, which ultimately gets the most out of me when I am at work.

I still play football on the weekends and train during the week so having the Flex program to ensure I can balance these commitments with work is unreal.

What enables you to bring your ‘best self’ to work every day?

Our flexible ways of working help give me the freedom and flexibility to tailor my work-life in a way that allows me to bring my best self to work.Additional to Flex, my colleagues motivate me to bring my best self to work every day. Seeing the great work that they produce and the high standard they hold themselves to motivates me to be better and bring the best version of myself to work. 

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