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Joining the Deloitte Human Capital team

Meet Sophie, Senior Consultant in Organisation Transformation

“I love that I can bring my previous experience as an HR Practitioner to support organisations implement new technologies and adopt new ways of working.”

Sophie Day, Senior Consultant, Organisation Transformation

Share a bit about yourself, your role at Deloitte and the work you do?

I am part of the Organisation Transformation team, with a specific focus on delivering change management for technology implementations. My background is working in New Zealand as an HR practitioner in government. I love that I can build on my expertise to support organisations to implement new technologies and adopt new ways of working.

I try to exercise every morning before I start work to ensure that I get out, get some fresh air and move my legs. I coach and play netball on the weekends, which I absolutely love. We are incredibly lucky here in WA with the summer and the fact it never rains, so I love making the most of the summer weather and going to the beach every weekend, travelling down south to go snorkelling, fishing and checking out the wineries.

Why did you join Deloitte?

When I moved to Perth from New Zealand, I was ready for a change, and Deloitte caught my eye as a place where I felt I would be able to focus on the parts of HR that I loved – change management. Working in BAU HR, you don’t always get time to work on HR projects that make a difference as you are focus on delivering BAU.

Having experienced being on the receiving end of an HR technology implementation with no change management, I know what it feels like to experience significant change without the proper support. I came to Deloitte knowing what experience I wanted to provide to organisations so that when they had a technology implementation, they had all the support they needed to be successful and fully realise the benefits of the technology.

Why are you passionate about working in the technology change and adoption space?

I understand the importance of engaging with the workforce through technology implementation and the positive impact that a ‘no surprises approach’ has. I’m passionate about:

  • Building relationships so clients feel confident and supported through the transition period
  • Understanding HR technology to provide practical and informed advice to HR teams about the benefits to moving to a new system
  • Helping organisations have the data and information to make quick and informed decisions about their people
  • Providing HR teams with the tools and support to manage the employee lifecycle in one place
  • Supporting employees and managers to become self-sufficient when it comes to managing leave.

What would you say to someone contemplating joining Deloitte and getting a role in your team? Why should they be excited?

If you’re ready for a change and a challenge, love solving problems, working on project-based engagements and working with incredible people where you get to make an impact, Deloitte is the place for you. You can work on interesting projects with great clients who really trust your expertise and knowledge. We have an incredible culture, where you are surrounded by people who support you to succeed. We’re not just friends, we’re family, and we genuinely care about the wellbeing of our people.

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