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Grad & Gold: From Audit to the World Stage

Careers in Audit & Assurance

Work-life balance comes in many different forms here at Deloitte, but it’s safe to say that balancing work with representing Australia on the world stage requires a lot of discipline.

When Kaitlyn Schurmann first started riding a bike, she had her sights set on representing Australia as a para-cyclist. In 2018 Kaitlyn realised that dream and won a silver medal at the World Championships.

Now in her fifth year representing the Green & Gold, earlier this year Kaitlyn rode in Para-cycling World Cup & World Championships in Canada where she won three medals across the events. As well as making her mark on the bike, Kaitlyn has established a career right here at Deloitte as a graduate in the Audit & Assurance Regional Audit Delivery Centres (RADC) team, which is part of the Skills Academy in Adelaide.

Since joining Deloitte in March, Kaitlyn has worked in the RADC to support the engagement teams on multiple projects at a time, all while following an athletic training regimen.

2022 has been a particularly busy year for Kaitlyn. For one, she began her career in March as a graduate at Deloitte in Adelaide. For many, getting established into a full-time career is a challenge in itself, but Kaitlyn was also training for the Para-cycling World Cup and World Championships. These events were held back-to-back in Canada in August which proved to be demanding as Kaitlyn explained:

"It was tough. It was the first time I had done such a quick turnaround between events, but it was also the first time I had been racing internationally for about three years because of COVID so just getting over the travel and jetlag was part of getting back into the process of competing."

Kaitlyn has continued her outstanding run of form these events, her fifth international trip with the Australian team, where she won a silver medal in both the time trial and road race at the World Championships and a gold medal in the World Cup.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Leveraging DeloitteFlex by working flexible hours has allowed Kaitlyn to balance her athletic pursuits with an emerging career in A&A:

​​​​​​​Kaitlyn’s training schedule involves yoga, going to the gym and time on the bike with one rest day per week. This ramped up leading into the recent World Cup and World Championships with Kaitlyn riding five times per week and going to the gym twice a week.

Today Kaitlyn is continuing to make the most of DeloitteFlex with training continuing in preparation for Nationals in January and then the Oceania Championships and World Cup later in 2023.

I’ve been really lucky, Deloitte has been super supportive of me with balancing both training and work. I was a bit worried when I started about competitions during the busy season but Deloitte was so good, they said I could do both. I couldn’t have done it without DeloitteFlex.

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