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Find your career flex

Careers in Audit & Assurance

Deloitte Flex is our flexible working benefit that allows our people to manage their schedule and work environment to better fit their personal needs and lifestyle, along with the needs of their clients and each other.

This flexibility, and being empowered to embrace it, is something our people find extremely valuable and beneficial to managing their work-life balance.

Our market-leading flexible work policy now includes 12 flexible working options, including well-being days, cultural leave, and allowing our people to shape their working day outside the traditional 9-to-5!
We met with some of our Audit & Assurance team to discuss how they ‘find their flex’ to create a working experience tailored to suit their needs, goals and lifestyles.

For Chloe, Deloitte’s flexible ways of working help put the moments that matter front and centre.

Walking my daughter to school is the highlight of my day. Starting early and ‘stretching’ my day, with the school run in between, allows me to be there for my family while also delivering on my work commitments.

Chloe, Director
Audit Quality & Risk

Our approach to flexibility also extends into how and where our people work. Working from home can be especially appreciated on busy days, either personally or professionally, to help manage your time and maintain your focus. Edwin says, "I use days at home to focus on independent actions; while in the office, I can target my attention to collaborative items I may need to work through."

Ateet, from our Business Assurance team, is looking forward to using his Deloitte Flex to manage his time with family travelling after years apart, saying, "I'm looking forward to meeting my parents after three years very soon, and I'm relieved that I can use Deloitte Flex to be able to spend quality time with them without hampering my productivity."

Deloitte Flex is a crucial perk that has enabled me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance that was absent in my previous roles.

Ateet, Senior Analyst
Business Assurance

Flexible ways of working have become the new norm and essential work perk across all roles at Deloitte, enabling our people to be productive and successful in their positions while also being able to manage their personal and professional lives effectively.

Careers that go beyond the expected

As the #1 professional services organisation in the world, we have the breadth and depth of capability to bring our clients a point of view and deliver more than traditional audit and assurance services.

A career with us will give you the opportunity to be at the forefront of our profession, working with great people, clients, and technology, with endless opportunities to shape your career and make your mark.