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Deloitte + Workday Adaptive Planning

Climate, Sustainability & Equity

Unlock a Sustainable Future with Deloitte & Workday Adaptive Planning. Gain comprehensive insights and tools to navigate sustainability planning, empowering your organisation to reduce carbon footprint and drive impactful change.


Empower your organisation to lead the charge towards sustainability with Accelerate2zero! Our solution streamlines emissions reporting, sets science-based targets, and integrates climate risks seamlessly into your strategies. Partner with Deloitte for tailored ESG solutions and take the first step towards a greener future. Click here to learn more and download our asset brochure!

Climate Adapt

Embrace resilience and strategic foresight with ClimateAdapt! Our solution ensures compliance with evolving regulations and empowers organisations to visualise materiality, conduct scenario analysis, and identify adaptation options. With DAPP methodology, ClimateAdapt enables adaptive planning to future-proof your organisation. Explore more and download our asset brochure today!