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The Voice of the Workforce: Through a ServiceNow Lens 2024

Australia’s Health Reimagined: Voice of the Workforce

Deloitte’s global alliance partner ServiceNow is on a mission to use cloud platforms and digital technology to help healthcare workers manage their workload, job satisfaction and wellbeing goals. Discover ServiceNow’s Modern Work outlook based on the Deloitte 2024 Voice of the Workforce Report.

Australia’s Health Reimagined: Voice of the Workforce identifies five key challenges that are testing the health workforce. In this section, we list those elements and outline some of the key pressure points in the system.

Workload increasing

With more than three-quarters of survey respondents believing their workload had increased since March 2020, the pressures are pushing the healthcare system and its people beyond capacity. Frontline clinicians are struggling with an administrative burden and most respondents want these duties to be streamlined, allocated elsewhere, or avoided entirely to create more time for higher-value tasks.

People moving on

Workforce supply – or a lack thereof – is a critical issue that underpins system-wide concerns and diminishes the ability to provide high-quality care. Tellingly, a quarter of respondents are looking to leave the profession and change careers, while the majority have at least considered cutting hours, or opting for part-time roles.

Psychological safety

Healthcare work is clearly taking its toll, with many survey respondents suffering physically and mentally because of high work demands and stressors. Those with less work experience, especially junior nurses, midwives and doctors, are affected to a greater extent in terms of their wellbeing and dissatisfaction.


A lack of consultation is a sticking point with clinicians, with almost two in three questioning executive leaders’ engagement on critical issues. To achieve purpose-led change, the healthcare sector must get the human factors right. For now, there is a lack of bespoke engagement and retention strategies that acknowledge the different motivators across generations, especially junior staff.


Clinicians also disagree that the executive leadership at their workplaces can be trusted to tell things the way they are, pointing to cultural and leadership alignment gaps that need to be addressed. This is crucial because good leadership, the culture of an organisation and the delivery of high-quality care are inextricably linked.


Here to help – how Deloitte’s alliance partner ServiceNow can alleviate healthcare workers’ headaches.

Using technology to reduce the administrative burden

ServiceNow believes in enabling clinicians to be clinicians, rather than administrative assistants. To that end, decisive action should be taken to redesign ways of working and make the growing workload easier to manage.

The Deloitte view: Redesign your organisation using technology purposefully to support decision-making and future-proof new ways of working.

Understanding and developing talent to keep employees in the fold

The ServiceNow platform includes a dynamic, AI-powered approach for employee growth and skills development.

The Deloitte view: Retain your staff by taking time to know them, and show you care by setting up modern structures and injecting flexibility into work.

Putting mental health and wellbeing on the agenda

The ServiceNow portal enables a holistic approach to supporting employees physically and emotionally.

The Deloitte view: Re-enage with staff by offering rewards, recognition and appreciation, and make sure you listen, hear and act.

Connecting with employees through better listening and learning

The ServiceNow portal offers a sophisticated way to deploy communication campaigns with employees, including sending out educational programs and soliciting feedback from workers.

The Deloitte view: Reach staff by prioritising investment in enhanced training models and career pathways, and be bold and consider what is possible with smarter workforce planning.

Building transparency and belief in a digital world

Cultural reform of an organisation can make a big difference to trust levels from within.

The Deloitte view: Reform the culture of your organisation by nurturing the next generation of leaders in a way that generates trust and embeds compassionate leadership as the norm.

To find out how Deloitte and ServiceNow can assist your healthcare organisation and its workers with smarter technology solutions, download the full point of view, or reach out to us below.

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