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End-to-End Customer Experience

Powering digital experience transformation throughout the customer journey

The value and competitive advantage of today’s leading brands is not found just in their products, price or services. It is the combination of everything. The value lies in the experience it delivers to its customers. This experience is unique and is what differentiates businesses in the marketplace. We help our clients create and more importantly, deliver these experiences that customers are obsessed about.

From strategy through to implementation, we help solve complex business issues by combining process and industry knowledge with deep expertise in enabling technologies and packaged software, providing the end customers with seamless physical and digital experiences.

We are Deloitte SAP CX

2019 marks the second year in a row that Deloitte has received four SAP Pinnacle Awards — the most received by any SAP partner in 2019, or any other year. The awards recognise Deloitte’s outstanding contributions as a SAP partner. Awards include the Digital Partner of the Year, Customer Experience Partner of the Year–Large Enterprise, SAP® SuccessFactors® Partner of the Year–Large Enterprise, and Purpose Driven Partner Application of the Year.

2019 SAP Pinnacle award SAP CX Partner of the Year Large Enterprise

  • Launch partner for SAP Leonardo with 20+ live use cases
  • Launch partner for SAP Intelligent Suite with C4-S4 integration accelerator
  • Working for SAP to enhance the Hybris Cloud Environment 2018 Pinnacle Awards
  • for S/4HANA, Leonardo, Ariba,and SuccessFactors
  • 250+ certified SAP Hybris developers
  • Leading Gigya implementation partner globally
  • Deep Industry Expertise across all Sectors
  • Leading co-innovation partner for SAP: aftermarket parts, machine learning, and IoT accelerators

Our solution

Enabling digital experience transformation throughout the customer journey

We help our clients engage at every point along the customer journey. Our local and global experience means that our clients.

Managing your Customer Experience Capability

For businesses to sustain and deliver a successful CX program whether it is an end-to-end experience or a single phase, a framework is required that allows businesses to tackle this complex orchestration. Delivering both value to the customer as well as the business.

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is,

  1. CXM is standardised measure that helps businesses deliver a unified CX program. The CXM score and framework allows businesses to have the same conversation across all departments. The CXM score allows businesses to create internal standardised benchmarks across all departments.
  2. CXM recognises the importance of empowering the employees and all departments and functions in the common goal of delivering an outstanding CX. CXM helps view CX from an OUT/IN and IN/OUT perspective, ensuring that the business can view how the front and back end of the experience ecosystem is functioning.

Why Deloitte

How can we help you get the most out of your SAP investments and position your business for future digital demands and success.

Your choice is an important one when it comes to SAP solution providers who can help you get the most from your SAP investments to help position your business for the evolving digital economy. And while the alliance between Deloitte and SAP has a long history and is widely recognised for excellence, there are many more reasons to choose to work with us.

So why Deloitte? There are several compelling reasons for choosing Deloitte to help you get the most out of your SAP investment and to begin the critical digital transformation your organisation will require to meet tomorrow’s business needs.

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