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Your transformation journey starts here.

Explore curated video sessions delivered by Deloitte professionals and discover how your organisation can create an enterprise built to evolve with Oracle.

Drive transformation with Deloitte SuperLedger™

Achieve subledger transaction visibility without full ERP consolidation. Hear how Deloitte SuperLedger™ can extract sub-ledger detail from multiple ERP systems, standardise data and move it into one source of truth.

Finance Modernisation

Finance organisations that have modernised technology systems are better positioned to deliver business insights. Learn how to prepare for a successful digital transformation.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can create capacity and valuable insights in the financial planning space for any organisation. Hear about the six key steps in the blueprint for enabling predictive analytics for finance.

Digitising Finance

Digital enablers can free up the finance team to focus on more high value activities, reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Learn how to deliver touchless finance processing for your organisation.

Touchless Close

Imagine delivering daily performance results to the business. An automated continuous close is possible today using advanced robotics and cognitive tools.

Virtual Finance Operations

How finance works, not where, matters most. Find out how to integrate geographies, platforms and processes to build a culture of resiliency and agility for your organisation.

A supply chain strategy built to evolve

Embarking on a digital supply chain transformation can be both empowering and daunting. Discover six pillars central to an Oracle SCM Cloud journey that could help your organization build its strategy for success.

Spur innovation with the Deloitte Smart Factory @ Wichita

The Smart Factory @ Wichita offers an opportunity in which the digital, physical, and experimental come together so you can experience the advanced manufacturing methods and technologies at the heart of digital transformation.

Jumpstart your Oracle transformation with a Digital Supply Chain Lab

The Deloitte digital supply chain lab experience is a personalized exploration of your organization, its digital transformation journey of the future, and an impactful way to ensure that your supply chain is a strategic differentiator.

Driving competitive advantage within Wholesale Distribution

Learn about the Deloitte next-gen solution built to help organizations navigate through disruption and double down on the opportunities it presents.

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