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Google Green Cloud

Brighten your outlook on sustainability with Google

Accelerate Sustainability with Google Cloud Innovation: The CXO Imperative

Bringing together the big dreamers and wise planners, the latest roundtable discussion hosted by 6 Degrees Media and sponsored by Google Cloud and Deloitte, unpacks the benefits of cloud computing as a low carbon alternative to solve today's emerging environmental challenges.

In the digital revolution, cloud applications are showing their potential to reduce business emissions. The route to a green tech future requires business leaders to reconsider the environmental impact of their technology decisions. Although leaders search for traditional solutions, they don’t always know that cloud can be an answer for achieving sustainability goals. Deloitte Consulting Partner Dr. Charlotte Marra cites a range of examples from the use of drones to inspect infrastructure (wind farms, transmission lines) using AI, through to modelling climate-related risk scenarios in banking and insurance.

Google Cloud leverages their knowledge to help shift organisations to run operations on a carbon neutral or carbon-free energy, accelerating sustainability through cloud innovation.

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