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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Where innovation meets impact

Innovating isn’t the hard part—the hard part is turning your ideas into solutions that drive real impact. Deloitte’s understanding of industry issues, together with the innovation engine that is AWS, forms a unique combination of global business transformation experience and market-leading technology that help you drive maximum value and impact with business solutions that build tomorrow’s innovations.

Deloitte and AWS: Where innovation meets impact

Learn how two industry leaders work as one to make cloud solutions deliver business value.

Where we focus

We look beyond the technology to help clients solve their most complex business problems and seize emerging opportunities today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Cloud Migration & Application Modernisation

Deloitte’s specialised knowledge and strong collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables us to integrate the right set of cloud services, map applications and infrastructure, and determine the right migration path and landing zone.

As you continue your IT modernisation journey, integrating cloud services into your IT service portfolio can have significant benefits. However, this involves a very complex set of distributed activities that must be managed carefully and at speed. With many business changes taking place, even a simple integration can quickly become a fog of conflicting goals, affecting vendors, balance sheets, and even regulatory compliance. To help accelerate the effectiveness and value that cloud integrations can deliver, Deloitte provides a full life cycle of support in planning, integration, migration, and management of your cloud transformation.

  1. Innovate faster: Use efficient, optimised technologies and processes that can help your business develop new products and services at speed.
  2. Reduce IT costs: Improve cost efficiencies and margin by shifting from large capital expenditures to operational-based spending.
  3. Improve security: Become resilient and effectively manage the internal and external risks that are known and unknown.

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Data Analytics & AI/ML

Optimise your data strategy and choose the right cloud analytics and AI/ML approach to realise additional value from your data.

To help organisations scale for the future, AWS has built a broad range of data management and data analytics capabilities that can help clients deploy scalable, secure, and cost-efficient big data solutions. Leveraging AWS’s scalable cloud platform, Deloitte is helping organisations across a variety of industries choose the right cloud analytics and big data strategy to maximise the value they can derive from their data. 

With the help of Amazon Web Services’ scalable cloud-based platform, Deloitte is building machine learning (ML) models and utilising pre-built APIs to help clients resolve business issues and discover new insights. By applying a systematic approach to implementing these innovative solutions, organisations can realise additional benefits.

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Security & Risk

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides innovative services that include a broad set of public cloud capabilities. Scalability, elasticity, flexibility, and business benefits are driving adoption at a rapid pace across many industries and sectors as a major cloud technology enabler for digital transformation. As organisations adopt cloud to transform their businesses, cyber risk management should also be transformed. A strategy that leverages Deloitte’s cyber risk framework, coupled with the native services built in AWS, can help enterprises move to the cloud with confidence that cyber risks are being addressed.

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Tailored Customer Experiences via Amazon Connect

Through decades of centralisation and cost driven globalisation, we have lost the human touch, and our ability to create meaningful connections with our customers.
Deloitte, along with its alliances with AWS, Salesforce and ServiceNow, are implementing scale Cognitive Customer Experience (CCX) solutions in Australia.
The CCX team, including designers, engineers, alliance ecosystems and change managers, works with you to create powerful and intelligent insights, shaping new capabilities by integrating AI with your data and customer interactions.

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Helping enterprises transform their business with Digital Core and Analytics powered by SAP® HANA on AWS.

Deloitte's collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps clients accelerate their ability to achieve digital transformation and powerful insights-based outcomes with SAP S/4HANA® and the SAP HANA® platform.

Deloitte and AWS in action

The University of Newcastle migrated to the AWS Cloud to improve agility, reduce technical debt, and cut operating costs by 20 percent. As an Australian public institution, the University of Newcastle is committed to improving the digital experience of its students and researchers.

Jemena collaborated with Deloitte and Amazon Web Services to build a new cloud-based platform that delivers valuable insights from its smart meter data to better support their customers and business stakeholders.

Deloitte Australia teamed up with the Australian Government to develop a digital Drought Resilience Self-Assessment Tool (DR SAT) to help farmers better understand, manage and adapt to climate events. In particular, to help them build personal and financial resilience to droughts, which are projected to become increasingly severe and frequent.