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Deloitte Australia Climate Charter

Our Climate Charter

Australia’s orderly transition to net zero is the shared responsibility of all Australian communities, businesses, and governments. Deloitte believes succeeding in this now urgent task is more than a responsibility, it is our obligation. Our commitment is four-fold.

First, we will use our voice, ambitious but grounded in economic rigour, to influence Australian leaders to act and work together in pursuit of net zero and building a resilient Australia.

Second, we will transition our own operations to net zero by 2030, using innovations and collaborations that set an example for others to follow.

Third, we will leverage our deep, multi-disciplinary skills to help our clients make decisions and take practical action to collectively bring about Australia’s net zero transition and adapt to the changing climate. We are committed to working with clients who match genuine ambition with visible commitment, resources and tangible transition action.

Finally, we recognise that Australia’s First Nations people have been, for over 60,000 years, the standard bearers for care and custodianship of our land. With humility we commit with Australia’s First Nations people to this continued shared obligation as we progress on our path to net zero.