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Bringing classical music to more ears at the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra

Making an impact that matters

Deloitte is proud to be helping Melbourne Chamber Orchestra (MCO) to bring their special music to more people's ears.

A classical music performance by the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra (MCO) is a special experience. It is at once intimate and grand. In the context of working pro bono with The MCO on a digital strategy to broaden its audience base, Deloitte had the opportunity to film and interview members of the orchestra. And to learn, first hand, what is unique and magical about a chamber orchestra performance.

For the musicians, the stakes are high. But so too is the opportunity to soar and put their own artistic stamp on a performance. Deloitte is proud to be helping MCO to bring this special music to people's ears. Enjoy an immersive experience brought to you by a firm that understands the importance of creativity.