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Engaging, reskilling and retaining talent: team from leading workplace learning consultancy The ID Crowd to join Deloitte

Deloitte Australia is making a significant investment in its modern work services offerings, with the team from leading workplace learning consultancy, The ID Crowd, set to join the professional services firm.

Founded by CEO Nicole White in 2013, The ID Crowd specialises in innovative and tailored digital learning solutions that support workplace reskilling agendas, and clients across the financial services, health, utilities, retail and public sectors.

The team works across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. White, and co-owner and COO Lee Booy, will take on senior roles in Deloitte Consulting’s Human Capital practice and Deloitte Asia Pacific respectively.

Deloitte National Human Capital Lead, Pip Dexter, said: “As we transition to modern work, the battle to retain and retrain people has never been tougher, so the ability to support employees across their career journey through creative upskilling and reskilling has become more important than ever.

“Digital learning clearly supports broader efforts to engage, reskill and retain talent, and is a key part of this puzzle. We’ve watched what The ID Crowd has been doing in the market for some time, and are now excited to be welcoming the team, and all they have to offer our clients.”

Deloitte Consulting’s Workforce Activation Lead Partner, Artie Gindidis, said: “The emergence of hybrid working models, wellbeing issues, skill shortages driven by COVID border closures, and sluggish productivity growth, are serious challenges for private and public sector organisations across the country.

“The corporate online education market is one where innovative approaches to learning design and delivery are key to engaging employees and giving employers greater confidence in their reskilling and retention strategies.

“The ID Crowd specialises in custom, crafted digital learning solutions for businesses that can also be combined and customised with existing learning processes. The team’s arrival will add even greater depth to our workplace learning and reskilling service offerings.”

The ID Crowd CEO, Nicole White, said: "Lee and I are so proud of the business we have created and grown, and all of our Crowdlings both current and alumni who have helped to build one of the best teams in this space."

"This wasn't something we had been planning but after talking to Deloitte we saw their passion in creating more human workplaces. It was an amazing opportunity to supercharge our work, improving workplace learning experiences but now we can do it without any limitations. As two peas in a pod, we couldn't be more excited, we've found a new home and we can't wait to do even more of what our clients love us for."

The ID Crowd team will formally join Deloitte on 1 September 2022. Terms of the transaction are confidential.

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