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Confidence in Adelaide: Deloitte growing local Consulting business

Professional services firm Deloitte is further strengthening its presence in the South Australian market, with the significant expansion of its Consulting practice.

Deloitte’s 2017 report series, Make it Adelaide, forecast that, by 2027, South Australia could be a thriving $134 billion economy, and home to two million people. The expansion of the Consulting business is supporting this potential – providing employment opportunities for the state’s best and brightest and prompting the return of some who had sought career opportunities elsewhere.

Don Puckridge recently joined Deloitte from Accenture as part of growing the local Consulting business and its client offerings – with plans to rapidly grow the team to more than 60 professionals.

Deloitte Australia Managing Partner, Consulting, Ellen Derrick, said: “The Adelaide economy is bouncing back and, with greater investment in the region, particularly in the areas of infrastructure and defence industries, businesses in Adelaide are putting themselves on the map and increasingly requiring the range of professional services offered by Deloitte.

“Expanding our Consulting practice in the region is a strong commitment and all about servicing our existing clients even better by helping them address their most pressing issues and supporting their growth opportunities.”  

Deloitte South Australia Managing Partner, Hendri Mentz, said: “As Adelaide pursues the growth opportunities identified in our Make it Adelaide reports and those envisioned in the SA Government Growth State strategy, employment opportunities are following.

“We are strongly focused on encouraging our local employees to remain in Adelaide to build their careers here, and for those who might have left the state, to return, bringing their professional experiences and insights with them.

“Quite simply, younger people no longer need to move to bigger cities to develop rewarding and challenging careers. South Australia and Adelaide, and our businesses and industries are creating more opportunities for employees to thrive and make an impact than ever. And Deloitte, and the growth of our business here is part of this story.”

Deloitte plans to grow the team significantly over the coming years, with career opportunities for both experienced team members and graduates.

Apply for a role in our Consulting practice in Adelaide here.