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Wonderful, Proud and Free

How corporate Australia can continue the legacy of Sydney WorldPride

As part of our Partnership with Sydney WorldPride 2023, Deloitte has engaged in meaningful discussions on the legacy of WorldPride. Read our report, and watch our discussions from an executive breakfast held alongside the Human Rights Conference.

This report outlines the benefits of inclusive workplaces for LGBTI+ people. It describes how Sydney WorldPride can be used as a platform for authentic corporate support of LGBTI+ communities, in a way that avoids “pinkwashing”. Informed by data from Pride in Diversity’s 2022 Australian Workplace Equality Index, we explore how Australian businesses can play a genuine role in shifting the dial on the experience and outcomes for LGBTI+ employees. We also reflect on Deloitte’s journey toward more inclusive practice, to help other organisations consider how to ensure their investments in inclusion make an impact that matters.

Our report data shows that 2 out of 3 allies identify as being passive. A key barrier to active allyship is a lack of personal connection to the issues. Major events such as Sydney WorldPride can be a catalyst for visibility and storytelling, to engage and mobilise allies – for measurable impact.

Human Rights Conference Executive Breakfast

Deloitte CEO Adam Powick hosted a fireside chat with Special Envoy to the US for LGBT+ Human Rights Jessica Stern and UK Prime Minister's Special Envoy on LGBT+ Rights Lord Nick Herbert.