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Dr Ulysses Chioatto

Principal, Audit & Assurance

Dr. Chioatto is a governance specialist and corporate lawyer with over 25 years’ experience across various sectors in Australia and globally including extensive regulatory and legal experience and industry and consulting experience in Financial Services. Ulysses is a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia and considered a thought leader on governance issues including ESG and executive remuneration with both the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Governance Institute. Ulysses has assessed governance frameworks for global company groups including long term governance, risk and compliance management advice of both Australian and foreign regulated financial institutions in Australia. He holds degrees in business and law with a doctorate in organisational behaviour, an MBA and a masters in employment law as well as his legal qualifications. Dr Chioatto is an adjunct professor in law at various Australian universities.

Ulysses leads the Australian Centre for Corporate Governance, supported by the Deloitte Global Centre for Corporate Governance and its 60+ member centres, to provide best practice around the globe.