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Katherine Wannan

Partner, Climate & Sustainability

Katherine is passionate about supporting organisations to accelerate their climate and sustainability ambitions by creating the capabilities needed in the workforce and create the conditions for teams to innovative and thrive now and into the future. Katherine has led teams and functions across consulting, in HR business partners and project management. She has led significant large scale workforce programs across education, the public sector, financial services and life sciences in Australia, UK and the US.

Katherine works with business leaders to design and accelerate the workforce they need to deliver their climate and sustainability strategy. Katherine’s work particularly includes identifying organisation’s future needed workforce, understanding the gap to their current workforce, and composing the future workforce through their current talent, new sources of talent and digital workforces. Focuses include the impact of climate and technology on the workforce, optimising human capabilities alongside Ai, workforce strategy, and optimizing internal and external talent sources to build great climate talent.