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Dr Frederik De Keukelaere

Principal, Consulting

Frederik applies his two decades of technology, data, and marketing experience to turning data into personalised experiences at scale. He is known for helping his clients to deliver award winning personalised experiences to become better, data-driven organisations.

He leads the MarTech capability of the Deloitte Digital practice in Australia. He has created a team of marketing and advertising technology experts who thrive on leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to deliver customer segmentation and targeting at scale, automate decision making, and curate the right experience for each customer at the right time.

Frederik’s true passion is to turn organisations around from being “data rich” to being “activation rich” and he loves to use automation to scale personalised experiences. He believes that great experiences are created with the ability to recognise customers, their needs, and their emotions to provide them with the right experience regardless of the interaction channel.