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Douglas Foster

Principal, Cyber and Strategic Risk

Douglas is Deloitte Australia's SOC Advisory leader within Cyber and Strategic Risk. Together with his team, he provides organisations with a comprehensive assessment of their readiness against IT and OT threats and offers strategic guidance, tactical solutions, and a refined SOC improvement program for a swift cyber maturity boost.

With over two decades of experience in the Cyber sector, Douglas has gained knowledge and expertise by working with a diverse range of leading international firms. His expertise extends across multiple verticals, with a special interest in Energy, Resources and Industries, and Government. His role as a Principal is supported by his experience in various leadership roles ensuring the balance of hands-on guidance and strategic approaches, ensuring teams are equipped to excel and adapt in a constantly evolving landscape.

Douglas' commitment to cybersecurity has led him to work on global projects spanning North America, Africa, Russia, Middle East, and Europe. Through each engagement, he's been driven to elevate the domain of Cyber Security, ensuring best practices are implemented across regions and industries.