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Allan Mills

Partner, Consulting

Allan is a Consulting Partner, a member of Deloitte’s national public sector industry executive and the National Civil Sector Lead Partner. Allan has more than 10 years’ experience working with government to design programs, funding and governance to achieve the desired outcomes.

Allan’s passion is about making an impact to the world in which we live. He is focused on working with Government and their service delivery partners to improve outcomes for people they support. He does this by helping organisations improve their service delivery model, analysing and understanding the drivers for costs and making sure the right measurement approaches are in place.

The Civil sector includes the central agencies, regulators, revenue collectors and administrative functions of Government with projects ranging from the consolidation of state finances, automating debt collection processes, developing state programs for innovation and implementing new corporate and enabling operating models. Within the sector, Allan and his team are focussed on four key initiatives: Smart Cities, Regulator of Tomorrow, Digital Government and Effective Government. Whilst broad in nature these initiatives bring together insights gathered from around the world, tailored to the Australian market.