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Annalisa Amiradakis

Partner, Audit & Assurance

Annalisa is a Partner in the Climate and Sustainability team of Audit and Assurance. Her role is a catalyst for change in transforming the way our audit and assurance practice is upskilled on this leading client issue. Her role is to support clients on their reporting readiness journey whilst still delivering on her audits. Annalisa does this by combining her passion for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) with 18 years of audit experience locally and in South Africa for 10 of those years.

She leads audits of large and medium-sized entities; both listed and private entities part of global multi-national organisations. Her experience spans various industries but with a particular focus on the consumer business; retail, wholesale distribution and services industry.

Annalisa has a hands on approach and high regard for high stakeholder engagement. She incubates talent by leading as a role model, teaching and nurturing on quality and technical aspects. She brings an experience of care to her clients that permits them to continually improve their governance and compliance.

Internally, Annalisa is the National Leader for Diversity Equity and Inclusion within our Audit & Assurance practice further highlighting her love of social impact matters.