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Jennifer Lee | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Vice-Chair SPC Representative

Jennifer Lee is a bold, inspiring leader who creates global transformation for her clients at Deloitte, where her expertise centres on strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) specializing in value creation and business model transformation. As a senior partner at Deloitte, she serves as the global lead client service partner for a complex global and Canadian consumer-retail client; as well as the Canadian Managing Partner for Deloitte Canada’s Emerging Growth businesses, where she addresses significant client and market issues such as Future of Trust, Climate Change / ESG and Digital Identity.

Jennifer also led Deloitte's Global pandemic response. Global Consulting Magazine recognized Jennifer as one of the top Global Future Leaders in Consulting. She was also named Manulife Mentor of the Year by Ascend Canada.

While in industry, Jennifer worked and lived around the world: M&A / Treasury for AT&T in Hong Kong, and European Marketing Group for Hewlett-Packard in Germany. While at Bell Internet, Jennifer led one of the largest and fastest wireless internet rollouts in the organization’s history. She was formerly a strategic adviser for the Azerbaijani Microfinance Association in Azerbaijan and Asian Credit Fund in Kazakhstan, focusing on elevating impoverished women via micro-loans.

Coming from an immigrant family, Jennifer is a champion of diversity, equity and inclusion. When she led Global Financial Advisory Clients & Markets, Jennifer orchestrated Deloitte’s Global NextGen Program, establishing a global pipeline of female success executives to take on global leadership roles in her business unit. Her passion for driving local and global impact is also demonstrated in her past and present volunteerism and board work. Currently, she serves on the board of Trillium Health Partners, Windmill Microlending and is part of the GROW Women’s Giving Circle. She is also a board governor for Sterling Hall School.

Jen earned her Executive MBA from the University of Toronto and undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo.