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Women In Tech

Diversity that advances innovation.

New domains like cloud, cyber and AI are demanding greater innovation than ever before. Across these frontiers, where the next steps are still evolving, Deloitte is powering the way with women in tech.

With our diversity advancing innovation, we are setting new agendas, finding fresh perspectives on challenges and driving real impact. This is your invitation to join us. Together there’s no limit to what we can do.

Hear from our inspiring women

We interviewed three women from across Deloitte to share their stories and journey. Explore why Adrienne Maxted is excited about the possibilities for the next generation of women in cybersecurity and the key qualities that set women up for success in the fast-changing world of cybersecurity.

Discover how Elea Wurth is working to develop machine learning and AI to make society a better place and dive into the world of opportunities in Cloud with Dr Charlotte Marra.

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Adrienne Maxted is a highly skilled risk expert who specialises in cyber security at Deloitte. With more than 20 years' experience across security, governance, risk, and compliance, she works closely with clients to create robust security and identity management solutions for businesses. For Adrienne, cyber space extends beyond technology: it encompasses privacy and law, data protection, identity and access management, and strategy and governance. She’s excited about the possibilities for next-gen women in the cyber industry - travel, networking, relationship-building and development of leadership skills.

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Elea Wurth is a leader in advanced data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence at Deloitte. With a passion for harnessing the power of technology for the betterment of society, Elea works with Australia's largest and most influential institutions to develop AI ecosystems that are ethical, lawful, and produce fair and equitable outcomes for all. With a strong belief in the importance of strong female role models in the AI space, she is pushing for better gender representation within high schools and universities.

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Dr Charlotte Marra is a senior executive with more than 18 years’ experience in business transformation across multiple industries, including digital capabilities with Cloud. She’s been engaged by many C-suite clients to assess and design strategic solutions for their complex issues, including large scale tech roadmaps and cognitive enterprise technologies. With a PhD in fibre optic engineering and deep commercial knowledge, she’s passionate about her field’s positive impact and its great opportunities for young women.