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Geraldine Aubert

Partner - Deloitte Germany

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Connecting diversity to value

Successful teams are diverse teams. An observation Deloitte leader Geraldine Aubert has made in the past. With responsibility for SAP-enabled transformation projects and teams, assembling the right mix of people—with the right mix of backgrounds and talents—is central to the work she does every day.

It all starts with listening—collaborating closely with clients to understand their specific business needs and pain points and then bringing in the right mix of people who can focus their individual skills to help achieve clients’ business objectives. Specialists in finance, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, technology implementation, data management, change management—you name it, it’s all potentially in the mix for digital enterprise transformation. And that means that all types of people need to be in the mix, too. “What I love in this area is really the diversity of the teams that we are working with,” Geraldine says. “We have people with different backgrounds because we are talking end-to-end processes.”

Geraldine began her career path working in analytical chemistry, at a certain point realising that she wanted more out of a job. She wanted work that was exciting, which led her to a career in consulting and eventually to Deloitte in 2021. According to Geraldine, Deloitte seemed like a perfect fit—based on what she knew about the organisation’s culture, its diverse portfolio of clients and its outcomes-based approach to business transformation.

One thing that has made her work with Deloitte’s SAP clients exciting—a focus on value, on activities that connect with business goals and provide a return on investment. Making connections come naturally to Geraldine—whether it’s including the right people in the right teams or aligning new technologies with the business processes.

Over her 22-year career, as she has seen more women migrate to the world of SAP transformation, she has made another important connection. Geraldine sees that having more women engaged in projects—having greater diversity amongst teams—results in conversations that are more “real,” productive, meaningful and focussed on unlocking value for clients.