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Building your career in Deloitte Human Capital

Meet Vanessa, Director in HR Advisory

“I have a career at Deloitte where I define my own path, where I am challenged to think differently all the time, and where I can work along-side my clients to make an impact with them, and create high performing workforces.”

Vanessa Bugge, Director, HR Advisory

Share a bit about yourself, your role at Deloitte and the work you do?

I am a Director in our HR Advisory practice, part of our broader HR Transformation team in Human Capital Consulting. My passion and purpose at work is helping HR teams unlock their full potential, so that the workforce they deliver services to, can do the same. I work with an amazing group of people – and this team is the reason why I jump out of bed to come to work.

What I love doing with our clients most is Transforming HR - accelerating CHROs and their teams along their path towards being game changing, and being the trusted advisory to business leaders on all things people and potential. My main areas of focus are:

  • HR Operating Model Design and Implementation – helping HR be an efficient, high impact operating team and ecosystem, with all the critical levers (data, structure, capabilities, tech) lined up.
  • HR Process Design – getting down in the trenches, to design HR processes that create value (not pain) and deliver a great experience for the end customer, and/or that help HR tackle those process complexities that can too easily just build up over time, and that stop HR from focusing effort where they need to.
  • Performance Experience – this is one of my real passions and indulgences… working with organisations on this critical game changing process, that should never be called a process. I work with HR, in partnership with their business leaders, to rethink what the performance experience should be so that every single person in an organisation can feel inspired at work.  

What’s an impact you’ve made that you’re most proud of?

One of my favourite moments at Deloitte, was being part of our Courageous Principals program – a global, award winning school leadership development program that equips  K-12 principals, assistant/deputy principals, and other members of school leadership, with the skills to drive a culture of high performance for teachers and students.

My industry passion is public sector, and specifically education. When I was given the opportunity to be a facilitator in this program that Deloitte runs for school leaders, I felt so proud. Proud to be giving back to the education community in Australia, that has given me so much – and that we rely on as a national and global community to continue to make the quality of our lives better, through quality education.

When thinking about your career at Deloitte, what are you most looking forward to?

I know that I can have a career at Deloitte where I define my own path, where I am challenged to think differently all the time, and where I can work along-side my clients to make an impact with them, and create high performing workforces. This is inspiring, no doubt.

However, what I look forward to the most, is continuing a journey I have been inspired to start at Deloitte – one of improving my own approach to self-care, and taking accountability for my wellness and a flexible approach to work, especially as a new mum. I am looking forward to being a leader who has perspective, and who has made a habit out of wellness at work. I know I am in the right place, because I see everyone working on it, together.

What advice would you give to someone contemplating joining Deloitte and getting a role in your team?

The opportunities are endless as we take on the challenge of rethinking the whole world of work, globally. What we ask of you, is that you be yourself, wholeheartedly, and wear your heart on your sleeve a little too. Our best work and best fun are when we are open, and a little vulnerable to “think out loud” even in its most raw form – because that’s where the magic happens. Take risks, put your ideas and thinking out there – and grab hold of the opportunities because they are plentiful.

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