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Meet Sid Bhattacharya, Data & AI Manager

Meet Sid, a Melbourne-based Manager in our Data & AI team, which is part of the Strategy & AI practice in our Consulting Business Unit. He is passionate about cloud, data and emerging technologies. 

So, tell us about a day in the life … 

I started my Deloitte journey in the Data & AI practice in 2021. In the short span of one year, I’ve been fortunate to gain exposure in a variety of challenging engagements cutting across different cloud technologies and spanning across the data lifecycle.

I generally start the day with a quick meditation as it helps to focus for the day. Work typically includes a mix of project work and business development activities. Being the Google champion in our practice, I also focus on practice building initiatives and events for our Google practice.

Beyond the core office work, I also get a chance to coach junior team members and help them to guide and shape their career. I also contribute by sharing my point of view as blogs in various AI themes for the AI fraternity to thrive. Deloitte organises a host of internal and external events in which I try to participate. I especially like our practice socials where I get a chance to meet new members and learn from their experiences.

Beyond office work, I like to spend time with my family and enjoy playing games. I like to go for bicycle rides and play quite a lot of indoor games like badminton, squash and bowling along with my kid and wife.  It’s quite enriching and refreshing for me. 

From your perspective, how does Cloud help our clients unlock business benefits?

Cloud adoption has seen exponential growth in the last few years. Some of the key benefits that cloud provides are reduced cost of ownership, high resilience and hyperscale. Cloud provides competitive edge too.

In recent times, I have been part of a cloud engagement for a technology start-up organisation working in the domain of interactive videos. This B2B sells to customers who utilise the platform for video advertisements. The business problem was to suggest a better and real-time analytics solution for their end customers to measure the success of their videos. Using Google Cloud serverless data services and visual tool capabilities, an end-to-end solution was designed. 

The outcome was a real-time streaming data analytics dashboard which provided all the relevant metrics for their end customers. The solution helped them to differentiate their services in the market with enriched customer experience as well as helped them to get more market share and marquee customers. 

Why Deloitte?

I was keen to expand my industry exposure beyond telecom. I was fortunate to onboard with Deloitte in 2021 and have since had the opportunity to work with industry leading clients across industry domains and work with new age technology in data, AI and cloud technologies. The opportunity to strengthen my breadth and depth of skills and new career opportunities are key differentiators for me.

What I love the most is how Deloitte promotes a culture of learning and provides forums to showcase the same. It helps in continuous learning and development. Premium partnerships with all leading hyper scalers and product vendors offer a bouquet of services like – webinars, courses and certification. The ambiance of learning gets very naturally enbibed in the culture of the organisation and makes learning a DNA.

Finally, the reason that stands out is our people and culture. Working with some of the best minds elevates our learning, overall productivity and propels us to do more. 

Why do you love your job?

The element of strategic thinking that is triggered with each assignment comes with its unique challenge, which makes me feel very excited. The fresh thinking required, doubled with research opportunities, is something that keeps me motivated. I love navigating unknown terrains. Looking back, there are projects of various nature that I have executed outside my comfort zone. 

The environment of collaborative teamwork has encouraged me to take up new challenges without being shy.. Over time I have improved my network and found many individuals who constantly inspire me. Off course, the reason my love for my job continues is that we keep impacting our customers’ and their stakeholders’ lives. Solving problems for our customers makes me the happiest. 

Why should someone be excited about joining your team? 

The sky is the limit here. Deloitte offers an open culture to bringing new skills and creating our own stories. Opportunities are bountiful. As multiple paths exist, there is no chance that one will get stuck in a fixed area of work: all platforms are available for you to navigate and build your career.

  • Favourite song? - ‘A Hundred Miles Away from Home’ by The Green River Boys & Glen Campbell
  • Tea order? - Green tea, 3 times
  • Ted Talk? - ‘Why good leaders make you feel safe’ – by Simon Sinek (diehard fan of Simon who I would love to work with one day) 

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