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Meet James, Consulting Grad in Canberra

Day in the life of a Deloitte Grad

Meet James, a Consulting Graduate in our Finance & Performance team. Working in Canberra has James’ work focussed on client work in the public sector, working directly with public service organisations and government.

James completed a BA Commerce (Finance) & BA Science (Psychology) at ANU.

James Footit, Consulting Grad in Finance & Performance.

The work in my role depends on the engagement and the client’s needs, so I am adaptable in what I contribute.

In my current engagement, I'm building a cost model for a financial feasibility study of a government organisation. This means understanding all the costs and revenue streams within the organisation to analyse and provide recommendations on how the client can effectively improve their current situation.

I was most surprised about the diverse range of work that Deloitte has on offer. Coming into my first day at Deloitte, I mainly assumed that the type of work on offer would be like a traditional accounting firm and that I would mainly be centred around accounting and auditing.

In my first year, I have been able to be a part of at least four different projects which all required a different role and perspective for me to contribute. I was extremely surprised at how my role within each of the projects changed and challenged my thinking on how to best support the unique needs of our client. From cyber security through to technology implementation, the wide range of work across multiple industries has provided me with a greater understanding of how to go about solving complex problems within different organisations, allowing me to enhance my skillset for the future.

Follow James as he walks us through a day-in-the-life in our Canberra office!


My alarm goes off early, I get ready and head off to the gym. I aim to go to the gym four times a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Following my session, I am usually perked up and ready to go for the day! I have a quick shower, shovel down some eggs and catch the bus into work.


I arrive at the office and make my way to the ground floor where I set up my desk. If I’m not too busy, I’ll walk to Groundhouse with some colleagues and grab a coffee. As soon as I get back to my desk, it’s full steam ahead. I check my emails and work schedule to organize my day, creating a to-do list and noting any important meetings.

Coffee catch-ups in the morning



For projects, we often have a meeting every two or three days to touch base on how our project is travelling. During these meetings, we discuss how each individual is tracking their tasks and if they need any support or guidance. Deadlines, urgent tasks and deliverables are also discussed to ensure we stay on schedule and prioritize accordingly. These meetings usually take 15-20min.


Lunch Time! We usually get lunch as a team or with whoever is in the office that day. We will walk over and check out a couple of nice cafes and restaurants to see what everyone is feeling on the day. My go-to lunch meal is usually 4  sushi rolls!

Lunch in today


Coming back from lunch, I will usually check my emails to see if I need to respond to anything urgent. Otherwise, I will continue with my tasks at hand and prepare for the team meeting with Defence at 2pm.


At 2pm I jump on a conference call with a government client to discuss how Deloitte is travelling with the project and discuss anything that we require from our stakeholders. We will also provide them with a status report to address what we are achieving that week and what we are planning to achieve in the coming weeks.

Sharing updates on current projects


Mid-afternoon I will grab a quick snack before buckling down for the next couple of hours. I usually go over meeting notes and write out clear tasks to move forward with. Some of the documentation that has been submitted will often need to be reviewed and adjusted accordingly so I attend to this first. Sometimes the team will have a meeting to discuss what was mentioned within the client call and organise ourselves in how to proceed with our tasks. This part of the day is usually the hardest as I am so close to heading home.


Time to go home! I will quickly check my emails and messages before heading off home to relax and recharge so I can do it again tomorrow!

I'm most looking forward to undertaking further study throughout my professional career, in particular, completing a CA and masters degree

.During my undergraduate degree, I wanted to continue with my studies post university life, whilst also being able to work full-time. Deloitte offers the ability to be flexible with your work schedule whilst also sponsoring your CA program in order to become qualified. I also want to finish off my postgraduate studies by undertaking a masters degree in Finance. I am looking forward to learning and developing along my Deloitte journey in the hopes of becoming a significant leader within the firm.

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