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How I landed a grad role at Deloitte

Meet Radhika from Melbourne!

Meet Radhika from Melbourne! She’s one social and ambitious lady, always seeking the next big challenge to take her personal development to new heights. 

Since joining our Insider program, Radhika has landed a one of a kind grad role in Melbourne’s Marketing, Data & Technology team within Deloitte Digital.

Radhika Singh, Grad within Deloitte Digital

I was in my second year of Uni, studying a dual degree in Marketing & Information Systems, actively looking for internships when I came across Deloitte’s Insider Program online. I knew that this was the perfect opportunity for me!  

From the Insider program, I then interviewed for the 2018 Summer Vacationer program and was progressed into the 2019 Graduate Program. 

The Insider Program is an interactive program where you get a true insight into the culture at Deloitte. It's jam packed with networking with individuals in the firm, shadowing a Partner for the day and also learning useful resume and interview tips. 

Since I was in my pre-penultimate year at Uni, it was extremely valuable in getting a feel for what Consulting and life at Deloitte was like - I really enjoyed the experience!  The program helped me to build my skills and confidence for the assessment centre and interview stage of the Summer Vacation program.

Looking back, I’m so grateful that I took part in the Insider program as it has led me to my position that I am now in at Deloitte. I would highly recommend the Insider Program if you’d like to get exposure to a large firm like Deloitte. Plus, it looks great on your resume and you have a very good chance at securing a Summer Vacation position!

Right now, I am an Analyst in the Marketing, Data & Technology team in Deloitte Digital! Every day guarantees new and exciting problems to solve and my work varies on the type of projects I am on. 

Recently, I have been assisting clients with email and SMS campaigns to create bespoke end-to-end customer journeys and experiences. Pretty impactful, right? 

The amount of support, training and growth I have received within a very short time of being at Deloitte has been overwhelming! I constantly feel challenged with the work that I do which is so beneficial to my personal development. 

The peers, coaches and mentors I have are extremely talented and skilled in the work that they do and I am thankful to be in such an environment where I can learn from such mentors. 

The Deloitte Digital culture is extremely unique. We know how to have fun whilst maintaining a serious commitment to delivering high-quality of work for clients.

I always look forward to coming back to the office on a Friday afternoon after being away on client site for the week – it’s great and comforting because you get to reunite and catch up with colleagues.

Create a LinkedIn profile as soon as possible, if you haven't already! Follow firms of your interest and be on the lookout for when opportunities (like the Insider program) come around. 

Starting as a Grad at Deloitte, I received invaluable advice. “The experience you have at your time at Deloitte is what you make of it.” In other words, don't take anything for granted and use opportunities to your best advantage to shape the career that you want!

Deloitte Digital Grads

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