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Joining the Deloitte Human Capital team

Meet Erdi, Senior Manager, Organisational Transformation

“Deloitte can cater for any career path that you want. Whatever you set your mind to achieve, Deloitte is an excellent platform to make that happen.”

Erdi Konda, Senior Manager, Organisational Transformation

Share a bit about yourself, your role at Deloitte and the work you do?

I am a Senior Manager in our Organisation Transformation practice within Human Capital consulting. I have been fortunate enough to have worked across a wide variety of projects within the human capital space ranging from large scale organisation design to complex M&As and change management for transformation programs. These projects have been for the largest financial services organisations in Australia.

I am originally from Albania, where I was part of the Financial Advisory Services practice of Deloitte Albania & Kosovo. After completing an MBA program at Melbourne Business School, I decided to make a career shift to consulting.

I chose sunny Sydney to start my Australian professional journey and have not looked back ever since. Nothing beats Sydney's lifestyle, coupled with the excellent complex projects and amazing world-class talent. Deloitte provided me with the support I needed to make this shift in my career and living location.

Did you have any preconceptions about Deloitte that have been confirmed?

The primary perception that is not true is that consulting isn't focused on wellbeing. Our projects are complex and require you to be efficient and laser-sharp focused, but I have also found that consulting provides you with a large amount of flexibility.

We are extremely focused on the wellbeing of our people and making our personal lives a priority. In every project, we have a "small things, big difference" conversation where everyone provides their non-negotiables, ranging from no meetings before 9am to flexible working hours to allow for parental duties.

Whenever I work long hours on a project, I'm usually the culprit, as I get too absorbed in the subject matter at hand. Fortunately, I've now found ways to notice this before it happens through the help of my team and leaders.

What makes Deloitte a rewarding and inspiring place to work?

The vast offerings that we have and the calibre of people that lead our teams make Deloitte a great place to work. Deloitte can cater for any career path that you want. Whatever you set your mind to achieve, Deloitte is an excellent platform to make that happen.

I have experienced this firsthand as I have helped create new offerings, pursue my interests and have a fulfilling career progression. All you need to make this happen is passion, dedication, and perseverance. It is incredible how many people will support you in your journey and how willing both leaders and peers will be to help you.

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