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The Deloitte Experience – reimagining what ‘work’ looks like

A new way of working that redefines what’s possible.

At Deloitte, we have reimagined what ‘work’ looks like and how we can empower all our people to create a work experience that is distinct to their needs, along with the needs of their clients and teams.

Founded on concepts of trust, balance, wellbeing and the importance of personal connection, the Deloitte Experience (DX) empowers our people to make choices about where they work based on their client, team and individual needs and how they connect with their clients and each other.

"We are standing on the edge of a new way of working. One that encourages flexibility, balance, trust and empowerment – all underpinned by the importance of human connection.  The Deloitte Experience enables our people to make the right choices for our clients, teams and for ourselves so we can be at our best, regardless of when, where or how we work.” – Adam Powick, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Australia

Our market-leading flexible work policy, DeloitteFlex, now includes 12 flexible working options that allow our people to shape their working day and provide a wide range of leave choices. These include:

  • WellbeingFlex: A paid annual Wellbeing day for our people focus on their wellbeing and to relax and recharge, however they like.
  • TimeFlex: Working 9 to 5 every day is a thing of the past. Our people will work with their managers to agree their start and finish times based on the needs of their clients, their teams and their own personal needs. We’re also clearing Friday afternoons of internal formal meetings to allow our people to catch up on work before the weekend.
  • CulturalFlex: Giving our people the option to swap two public holidays to observe the cultural or religious days that matter to them.
  • CommunityFlex: Encouraging our people to take time out to make an impact in their community.

“Flexible working is critical to increasing engagement and productivity, supporting work-life balance and employee wellbeing, and recruiting top talent. The choice of what it means to ‘be at work’ will rest with employees so they can be at their best and work in a way that suits their client and teams needs and their individual circumstances.” – Tina McCreery, Chief Human Resources Officer, Deloitte Australia

We have also continued to evolve and enhance our Virtual Office capability, which provides the latest digital technology required to work successfully away from the office.

Through our Deloitte Experience, we will continue to empower all our people to create an experience that is unique as they are, and a work environment that is distinctly Deloitte.

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