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Letter from Leadership

FY23 was a year that defied our expectations.

Increasing geopolitical tension, ongoing war in the Ukraine, intensifying impacts of climate change, and the return of inflation contributed to a more complex and uncertain world. FY23 also saw Generative AI burst onto the global scene with great fanfare and a healthy dose of concern.

These events shaped and highlighted Deloitte Asia Pacific’s important role helping clients navigate their most complex challenges. As the stories in this report demonstrate, we harnessed the collective strength of over 98,000 professionals across our region to deliver tangible results for our clients, our people, and our communities. 

We supported clients to embed climate action in their business operations, while navigating complex and evolving environmental, social and governance (ESG) regulations. We also enabled our clients to digitally transform, while enhancing their cyber defences. And we helped clients across the region become stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to navigate uncertainty.

Our multidisciplinary model enabled us to bring the range of subject matter experts required to solve our clients’ most complex problems, while our integration across the Asia Pacific enabled us to seamlessly meet the needs of our clients. Deloitte South Asia becoming a member of Deloitte Asia Pacific from 1 April 2023 enhanced our capabilities in this regard. 

Our ‘bold plays’ saw us focus on Sustainability and Climate, Generative AI, Managed Services, Digital Government, Smart Cities and Factories, and Private Equity. We also sought to digitally enable all of our services via assets, working closely with our alliance and ecosystem partners.

More than ever, however, FY23 demonstrated that our people need to feel connected to our purpose – to make an impact that matters – in all that they do. Addressing the client issues and agendas that matter, and building better futures together, is what inspires and unites them.

This report brings together many stories of our purpose in action. It highlights examples of where we have actively sought out opportunities to positively contribute to the societies in which we live and work.

Our commitment to living our purpose is exemplified by our WorldClass and WorldClimate programmes. These programmes form part of WorldImpact, our global portfolio of initiatives designed to respond to society’s most significant challenges, promote inclusive, sustainable economic growth, and create opportunities for all. 

Through our WorldClass programme, we aim to improve educational outcomes, develop job skills, and create opportunities for 100 million individuals worldwide by 2030 through education and career support for under-served young people.

One of the ways our professionals across Deloitte Asia Pacific support WorldClass is by volunteering. They share their knowledge and expertise to help the next generation unleash their potential and expand their employment opportunities.

David Hill, Chief Executive Officer & Dennis Chow, Chair
Deloitte Asia Pacific

In FY23, our community investments totalled US$41.1 million, and our people contributed more than 330,000 hours in volunteer and pro bono work, assisting nearly 12 million individuals. 

We also took deliberate steps toward our goal of net zero operations by 2030, reducing our CO2 emissions per FTE by 20% from a 2019 base year, reducing Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 80% from a 2019 base year, purchasing 80% renewable electricity, and offsetting 100% of our operational and business travel emissions. We also worked with our major suppliers such that 22% (by emissions) have now set science-based targets. We strive to ensure our supply chain considers a diverse range of suppliers that take broader ESG metric as seriously as we do. Travel remains a focus for us, we reduced our Scope 3 GHG emissions from business travel per FTE by 48% from a 2019 base year. 

As we move further into FY24, we do so with an unwavering commitment to integrity and ethical conduct in all that we do, recognising the important role we play in upholding public trust and acting in the public good.

With war in the Middle East and slowing economies, FY24 will see us work with our clients and people to navigate increasing volatility and ambiguity. Our Partners and our people have consistently demonstrated their resilience and agility, positioning us well to overcome the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities on the road ahead.

As fellow custodians of our firm, we are committed to a legacy built on quality, integrity and good governance, and aspire to be one of the most respected and admired organisations in the Asia Pacific, creating enduring value for our clients, people, and societies.

We are guided by our purpose and values, committed to build better futures. Together.