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Our ambition to be people-centered and purpose-driven runs through everything we do. 

Deloitte’s approach is to help lead the way and inspire powerful collaborations that enable our people to work with clients, communities and organisations on shared solutions. 

Over the last year, Deloitte Asia Pacific, like many employers, has continued to be challenged by unprecedented evolutions in the workplace. Now, more than ever, it has been essential to listen to our people as we strive to evolve and live our culture and shared values. Our people and our partners expect us to not just demonstrate, but to deliver tangible evidence of our diversity, equity and inclusivity strategy through lived experiences that touch us all. We have achieved this through co-designing action-oriented initiatives and programs with the goal of evolving them beyond initiatives and programs to be an inherent part of our culture. 

While a focus on gender diversity, and equitable representation of gender through Deloitte Asia Pacific, is nothing new, this year has seen a reenergized effort to ensure that action taken is aligned to the rapidly evolving needs of our business, including the recognition and profiling of our Women in Technology and a bespoke high potential development program aimed at mid-career women. This, combined with agreed targets, to reduce and remove any gender pay gap has set us on a path to ensure not only the attraction of women into the firm, but the ability to retain them in a highly competitive market.

We have broadened our diversity strategy's scope to include Accessibility, which has facilitated scaled access to traditionally less utilised talent pools more effectively. And we have stepped up the visibility of our Inclusivity strategy with the exciting sponsorship of Sydney WorldPride 2023, the world's biggest Pride festival that celebrates LGBT+ inclusion, diversity and allyship. We have also taken the step to profile our inclusive culture through the launch of our first Asia Pacific wide inclusive campaign “You be you and I’ll be me & Together we’ll be stronger". An informal, storytelling campaign designed to showcase the fact that every single one of us is different and that is what makes us Deloitte. 

“Having the social license to thrive is integral to our values and our strategy.  

Our impact positions us as the firm that current and next generations gravitate toward, to experience our culture, learning and commitment to sustainable work practices and wellbeing.

We provide our people with the opportunity to collaborate and harness the richness of our diversity across the region to make a meaningful impact to our people, clients and communities.”

Sonia Breeze, Asia Pacific Chief People and Purpose Officer 

You be you, and I’ll be me. And together, we’ll be stronger

‘You be you, and I'll be me’ was created to reinforce our commitment as a firm in fostering a workplace culture that is inclusive and underpinned by respect and appreciation for diversity in all its forms. 

Deloitte Asia Pacific launched our first region-wide Diversity Equity and Inclusion campaign in June 2023. Entitled “You be You and I’ll be Me. And Together, We’ll be Stronger”, this initiative used storytelling to help show how every one of us is unique. We believe that authenticity is key to employee wellbeing and success, and we encourage a culture where employees can bring their whole selves to work and thrive. 

As part of the campaign’s activities, our colleagues and leaders worked together to create a striking collage representing our diverse culture, using specially designed visual imagery.

“It’s only when we all feel included at work and are treated equitably that the rich tapestry of Deloitte can truly come to life,” said Margaret Dreyer, Deloitte Asia Pacific Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Senior Leader. “So, with this campaign, we’re highlighting how all our differences matter – and how embracing this fact is precisely what makes us Deloitte.”

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AP StandOUT is Deloitte Asia Pacific's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBT+) network and ally community. The AP StandOUT network supports our goal of creating an inclusive environment where our people feel respected, valued and included. 

Within our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy, our LGBT+ pillar is one of the focus areas. We want everyone to feel that they can be themselves at work, without fear of discrimination or prejudice. We want our LGBT+ colleagues to feel confident in being who they are and be empowered to thrive at Deloitte and within the societies we serve.

Part of this is the Embassy Model which means that within the walls of Deloitte we apply LGBT+ inclusive policies and practices for our people, wherever we operate. Another critical part is the promotion of 'allyship', whereby our people support the rights and wellbeing of their LGBT+ colleagues, visibly and vocally, and call out non-inclusive behaviors. AP StandOUT and the local Participating Firm networks play a key part in all of this as they provide a platform for LGBT+ colleagues and allies to come together, raise awareness among their colleagues and amplify the fabulous resources that we have.

Asia Pacific Women in Technology (WiT)

Supporting career progression and inclusion for women in IT.

Globally, the digital divide between genders is real. Across Asia Pacific, strong growth in our technology consulting areas has meant a growing need for women and gender diverse technologists to join Deloitte to bring diversity to our practices as well as fulfill our commitment to gender equity.  

In 2022, for the first time, we internally recognised many of our amazing Women in Technology (WiT) across Asia Pacific with the launch of the inaugural Deloitte Asia Pacific Women in Technology Awards. The awards covered eight categories: Ally, Client Impact, Disruptive, Industry Impact, Innovation, Rising Star, Technical Excellence and Community Impact. Our winners and finalists, announced by Deloitte Asia Pacific CEO David Hill at a livestream attended by thousands of WiT and their Allies, came from every geography and every business across Asia Pacific. The overwhelming reception of the awards has led to the development of a regional WiT strategy led by our Deloitte Asia Pacific WiT Leader, Niamh McPherson, and Deloitte Asia Pacific Chief People and Purpose Officer, Sonia Breeze.

In 2023, we held WiT awards across the same 8 categories in each Participating Firm culminating in a total of 1,150 nominations and 76 award winners across the region. The field was narrowed down to just 12 winners being announced as winners via an Asia Pacific-wide virtual ceremony. 

Striving for Gender Pay Equity 

Achieving an equitable pay environment: no one left behind.

Deloitte recognises our responsibility to set a benchmark for equitable pay across our Member Firms around the world. We are proud of our longstanding commitment to strive for fair and equitable pay. 

Across Deloitte Asia Pacific, we have set a gender pay gap target of less than 10 percent by 2027. Specific interventions to achieve this include recruitment and promotion practices to promote female representation and combat attrition, as well as regular pay reviews. In FY23, our employee and partner gender pay gap stood at 17 percent.

Several of our Participating Firms – including Australia and Japan – have mandatory gender pay gap reporting. Our New Zealand firm also publishes gender pay gap information to increase transparency.

Since 2020, we have conducted an annual gender pay equity audit across our region. Our FY23 audit found a steady decrease in the employee gender pay gap year on year. It also revealed that our partner gender pay gap has remained steady, with a slight increase of 1 percent. We are committed to creating an environment of equality across our region, analysing the root causes and implementing remediation measures as required. 

One Young World 2023

Developing a new generation of leaders through One Young World.

As we work towards our global WorldClass ambition to empower 100 million lives by 2030, Deloitte is proud to be a global partner of One Young World (OYW). OYW is a global community that aims to develop young professionals into future leaders who can solve the world’s toughest problems. It also convenes an annual global conference that typically brings together around 2,000 delegates from more than 190 countries to create positive change.

In September 2022, 14 delegates represented Deloitte Asia Pacific at the Summit held in Manchester, in the United Kingdom. In addition to the summit, Deloitte facilitates a year-long experience for its delegates, including leadership mentoring, skills development sessions, participation in Deloitte leadership forums and resourcing of the delegates’ local social impact projects. Examples of the Deloitte Asia Pacific delegates’ impact include:

  • Mentoring local entrepreneurs on community-led regenerative programs in partnership with WWF Australia
  • Leading on sustainable aviation fuel
  • Presenting to more than 5,000 people at the 2023 Climate Month Townhall to help galvanize collective action
  • Managing Deloitte Australia’s climate governance program in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and Climate Governance Initiative.

Expanding Deloitte University Asia Pacific

Increasing our capacity to tackle tomorrow’s most important challenges through a network of innovative campuses that transform capabilities, build networks and inspire future leaders.

Deloitte University Asia Pacific (DU AP) is our firm’s flagship asset for leadership development. Since launching in Singapore in 2016, DU AP has supported more than 12,000 participants through a diverse range of cutting-edge development programmes and experiences, including a range of events and client activities. Participant ratings for the DU AP experience average 4.6 on a scale of 5.0, with faculty and programmes rated at 4.5.

Since 2019, DU AP embarked on a fresh approach with enhanced platform capabilities that enable it to play a stronger role in our employer and client value propositions, in line with Deloitte Asia Pacific's strategy and ambition. This resulted in a multi-campus strategy and delivery model that is a first for Deloitte globally.

Our vision is to establish DU AP as a portfolio of three to four interoperable campuses, highlighting and reinforcing Deloitte Asia Pacific’s strengths in diversity, across businesses and borders. The refreshed DU AP is representative of Deloitte Asia Pacific’s investment into building our future leadership pipeline to the benefit of our clients and society at large. DU AP will extend its focus beyond the physical sustainability of the building towards regenerative principles that enable a net-positive impact on the natural environment as well as human health and wellbeing. 

“We’re focused on developing the world’s best leaders, initiating a unique discourse and delivering a ‘Distinctly Deloitte’ value proposition for our people, clients, alliances and communities. Our new campuses are already under development, so watch this space!” - Simon Cook, Dean, Deloitte University Asia Pacific. 


Unleashing our people’s potential through greater and more agile mobility 

At Deloitte, working collaboratively across borders is business as usual and continues to be at the core of our employee value proposition (EVP) across Asia Pacific. Providing unique and differentiated opportunities to our people throughout Asia Pacific is a key reason people stay and grow within the firm.

Our clients also expect seamless experiences across our region, which is why we encourage our people to develop a truly Asia Pacific mindset. It’s also why we are sending an increasing number of our people on cross-border assignments, in a wider variety of roles and providing unique Asia Pacific experiences to our global colleagues.

Through exposure to clients across diverse industries and geographies, our people gain a deeper understanding of demand in different markets – enabling them to build their understanding of business from an international perspective. This can also accelerate their development as well-rounded future leaders and broaden their professional network.

To help us make international opportunities more accessible, we established the Asia Pacific Development Programme (APDP) in FY23.

This new, funded, strategic development programme will make it easier for our firm to explore intra-regional assignments and foster a culture of career agility. It will also help ensure we can get our best and brightest talent to stimulate innovation and build capability in key markets.

  • In FY23 we created the largest number of Intra Asia Pacific opportunities for our people since coming together as one member firm
  • 70% of all people in the Deloitte global network moves traded with Deloitte Asia Pacific
  • Deloitte Asia Pacific was the largest exporter and importer of Talent across the network on mobility assignments.