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At Deloitte, everything starts with trust.

It is the bedrock upon which our organisation is built and the fundamental commitment we make to our stakeholders. This has been a constant for Deloitte since our founding in 1845.

“Deloitte Asia Pacific complies with well-established governance policies and procedures to help ensure we can serve the public interest and build and protect trust. Our ability to uphold that trust is vital in a world where businesses are being held to ever-greater scrutiny, both by governments and the public.”

Dennis Chow, Asia Pacific Chair

Strengthening credibility and trust with stakeholders by consistently living our purpose

As an auditor and adviser to organisations across industries and governments throughout the world, we understand that trust is critical to our business. That is why we continually strengthen and reaffirm our clients’ trust by bringing to life our shared values and our purpose.

Strong and effective governance is vital to ensure we deliver on our promises, operate our business ethically, balance the interests of stakeholders and serve the public interest. As a purpose-led organisation, Deloitte is also thoughtful about the company we keep and carefully adheres to responsible business practices.

Meeting our stakeholders’ expectations

Deloitte stakeholders expect us to run a responsible and sustainable business, behave ethically and astutely manage risks.

Across Asia Pacific, clients turn to Deloitte to help them unlock value in new opportunities, deliver innovative services and devise breakthrough solutions to previously intractable challenges. They trust us to conduct high-quality audits, maintain independence and protect their sensitive information.

At the same time, our people count on us to foster an inclusive and equitable workplace, promote their safety and wellbeing, and support the development of their skills and careers.

The nations that we operate in expect us to act in the public interest. That means advancing sustainability and fighting corruption. It also means contributing to the communities that we serve and providing educational and skill-building opportunities to help empower those seeking a better future.

We hold ourselves accountable by measuring and reporting on our progress across these areas. Our reporting helps our people, clients and society to evaluate our impact. It also shows how living our purpose is inextricability linked with Deloitte’s ability to deliver sustainable, long-term value, year after year.

The Deloitte Asia Pacific Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors addresses critical issues of governance, including approval of our firm’s regional strategy, annual budget and investment plan, major transactions, and selection of the Deloitte Asia Pacific CEO and Chair. The Board also provides oversight of and support for the operation and performance of management.

The Board composition features proportionate representation of Deloitte Asia Pacific participating firms and reflects the geographic reach of our operations. A diversity of perspectives – reflected in gender, life experience, professional background, as well as skills and capabilities – is central to the selection of individuals. Our Board has 17 members and one observer from Deloitte Global, with women so far comprising 47 percent.