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Walking On Clouds: A Workforce Adoption Journey with Google Chrome Enterprise

A Workforce Adoption Journey with Google Chrome Enterprise.The constant changes in technology and innovation, coupled with the rise of the cloud workforce, necessitate the evaluation of enterprise adoption of Chrome Enterprise through a change management lens.

Deloitte believes that thriving in this digital age is not just about implementing the latest technology; it is about putting the most essential pillar of your business - your people - at the forefront of business technology decisions. Work expectations have shifted with the rise of a new type of worker – the cloud worker. These employees expect to work securely from any device or location; they value speed, convenience, collaboration and prefer using cloud-connected applications.

To stay ahead of the curve, organisations need to be more agile and open to adopting cloud first technologies than ever before. In today’s ever-changing innovation landscape, coupled with the rise of the digital workforce, it is imperative for organisations to examine adoption of Google Chrome Enterprise through a change management lens.

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Key Drivers for Workforce Adoption of Chrome Enterprise

Deloitte has observed a direct correlation between end user adoption and the simplicity of the solutions being deployed. It is important to choose a technology solution that is not just easy to deploy and manage for IT administrators, but also easy for entry-level employees to understand and consume.

Change management provides the process, tools and tactics to drive employees’ willingness and ability to embrace, adopt and utilise Chrome Enterprise. 

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