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TMT Predictions 2024

Explore the predictions to learn what’s next in technology, media, and telecommunications.

Deloitte has recently launched their annual global 2024 TMT Predictions covering key predictions across generative AI, sustainability, and monetisation.

We deep dive further into the Australian predictions, for the year 2024, across four categories: generative AI, sustainability, media & entertainment and sport, telecommunications & technology.

It’s only been a year since generative AI surged to prominence as the power of AI to create images, videos, code and text captured both public imagination and the attention of business leaders. We expect 2024 to be a transitional year: Tech companies are upgrading their software and services with generative AI, and companies across industries are trying to benefit from it. We explore four key areas in our Australian predictions: generative AI and enterprise software, Gen AI chip demand, generative AI trains private and enterprise data, and regulations.

It's likely that 2023 will be the hottest year in recorded history, and some climate scientists are convinced that the rate of warming is accelerating1. Human reliance on tech devices, services and connections is accelerating, too. How can tech help make other industries more efficient? Once answer is improved sustainability. We explore four areas in our Australian predictions: industry perspective including raw earth elements and semiconductors, Telco sustainability (3G, NBN, emissions), ESG reporting software, AgTech.

Across all of our predictions, we have examples of technology and content that have gathered user bases and audiences but may be struggling to make profits of even revenues. We explore four areas in our Australian predictions: Women’s elite sports: breaking the billion-dollar barrier, streaming video services shift focus for profitability, cinematic and interactive universes, consumer audio market increasing and impact on revenues.

We deep dive into the predictions that will influence the Australian telecommunications and technology sectors in terms of what the future will hold for: smartphone authentication applications, direct-to-device satellite phone connectivity, broadband connectivity, cloud sovereignty, and venture debt funding.

Download our Australian Prediction snapshot to learn more

1. VettaFi, Are The "Magnificent 7" Tech Stocks Ready to Share the Road? , August 2023

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