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TMT Predictions 2023

Explore the predictions to learn what’s next in technology, media, and telecommunications.


The 2023 TMT Predictions explore how today’s technologies are creating new tomorrows, in the context of the world we find ourselves in today. With rising inflation, slowing economies and shifting consumer confidence. Technology innovation and sustainability are core themes of the 2023 report which are influenced by the economic environment.

The focus of the predictions is global, albeit each of the 15 predictions across Telecommunications, Semiconductors, Screens and media, Technology and M&A have relevance to the Australian market and our own TMT landscape.

In Telecommunications, the continued rollout of stand-alone 5G in 2023 will spur on innovation in the products and offers that operators provide to consumers and enterprises. At the same time satellite broadband delivered through Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, which we first covered in our 2020 predictions, is starting to become more competitive within the space ecosystem, as the market for LEO broadband on earth begins to simmer.

The events of the last 3 years of 360 environmental impacts have spurred on the competition for our attention which the screens and media prediction deep dives into. Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD) supported streaming content and shoppable content are experiencing high growth in 2023 as VR content becomes more prevalent and the streaming wars are moving to the sports arena.

The Technology predictions explore how enterprise edge computing is becoming a higher portion of technology spending at a time that Green Tech is a gets the green light from investors as enterprises move to net-zero targets. M&A may well be back on the top of the list for companies in the form of divestitures with a spotlight on the gaming industry as a lightning rod for TMT investment in Australia.

Predicting long-term trends can be an easier task than predicting what will take place in the next 18 months, given the uncertainty in the economic outlook. These predictions aim to bring the global outlook to the local level by providing a bold perspective on the big trends in TMT for 2023 in Australia.

Find out how these predictions may influence the Australian industry in 2023 and beyond.

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Australian Predictions 2023

Explore global predictions

Too congested before we’re connected? Broadband satellites will need to navigate a crowded sky

LEO satellites could bring high-speed internet to every corner of the world—if they can stay out of each other’s way. Fortunately, adjacent industries are gearing up to help.

Accessible is possible: Introducing the US$99 5G smartphone 5G phones under US$100 are set to bring advanced wireless to consumers worldwide, with software, ads, and content sales providing the profits.

5G’s promised land finally arrives: 5G standalone networks can transform enterprise connectivity.

The coming migration to 5G standalone core networks is expected to allow for increased device density, reliability, and latency, opening the door to advanced enterprise applications.

AI in chip design: Semiconductor companies are using AI to design better chips faster, cheaper, and more efficiently

Recent advances in machine learning are allowing chip companies to solve one of the biggest design problems ever: How do you arrange 100 billion transistors on one square inch?

Supercharged semiconductors: Chips made of newer materials surge ahead, handling the volts that would fry silicon chips

Gallium nitride and silicon carbide semiconductors are gaining speed as high-voltage, high-power applications such as consumer electronics chargers and battery electric cars become more common.

That's just rad! Radiation-hardened chips take space tech and nuclear energy to new heights

The next generation of rad-hard chips is helping bring devices used in high-radiation environments into the 21st century at last.

Screens and media

Everyone’s watching: AVOD finds an increasingly receptive audience

AVOD’s appeal surges as price-conscious viewers become more willing to watch ads in exchange for discounted or free streaming video.

Live sports: The next arena for the streaming wars

As streamers take a growing share of a thriving market, can they go the distance?

Virtual production gets real: Bringing real-time visual effects onto the set

Digital tools and technologies are bringing virtual effects to physical sets and making production more flexible and cost-effective—freeing creativity from previous constraints.

As seen in your feed: Shopping goes social, trending past US$1 trillion in annual sales

Propelled by social media influencers and digital-native consumers, social commerce is laying the groundwork for a broader shoppable media landscape.

Will VR go from niche to mainstream? It all depends on compelling VR content

Applications that capitalise on virtual reality’s unique capabilities will be key to enabling VR to enjoy a significant growth rate.

Battle for the enterprise edge: Providers prepare to pounce on the emerging enterprise edge computing market

Cloud, telco, equipment, and platform companies are vying for a share of enterprise investments in edge services and products that make computing faster, safer, and cheaper.

Tech’s climate commitment: Organisational and personal impacts are pushing tech leaders toward faster climate action

The technology industry has set ambitious deadlines for achieving net-zero. Operational efficiencies, sustainable products, and tech innovations can help it get there.

Let’s make a deal—in gaming! Gaming M&A is growing on the back of consolidation, portfolio plays, and game tech

Video game companies, video streamers, and even hyperscalers pursue gaming M&A for talent, tech, and intellectual property to expand portfolios and quickly access new markets.

TMT divestitures make a comeback: 2023 deal values in tech, media, and telecom may bounce back strongly

Many TMT companies are aiming to become smaller and more focused. Bottom-line pressure and high interest from private equity and venture capital firms can make it easier in 2023.

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